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Terry’s Creative North Carolina Garden

Repurposed items find new life amid the flowers

garden bed for full of pink flowers

Today we’re in Hillsborough, North Carolina, where Terry combines beautiful plants with unusual pieces of garden art and sculpture made from repurposed materials.

tall plants with small purple flowersMoney plant (Lunaria annua, Zones 5–9) is a biennial that thrives in moderately shaded spots, putting up clouds of purple flowers in the spring that transform into the silvery, coin-shaped seedpods that give it its common name.

path leading to small garden shed surrounded by colorful flowersBlanket flower (Gaillardia, Zones 4–10), with its cheery orange-and-yellow blooms, is backed up by a cloud of pink evening primrose (Oenothera speciosa, Zones 4–9). They’re both performing in front of a wonderful shed/greenhouse created from old windows.

red flowers in front of colorful garden artBright red poppies (Papaver rhoeas, annual) bloom amid a few tea cups set on poles as pieces of garden art.

bed frame used as a trellis for flowers in the gardenA metal headboard serves as a trellis to support these extremely happy roses, while spires of purple larkspur (Consolida ajacis, annual) come into bloom in the foreground.

garden bed for full of pink flowersRoses and Asiatic lilies (Lilium hybrid, Asiatic group, Zones 5–9). In the background you can see a big clump of beautiful purple larkspurs.


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  1. garden1953 05/23/2022

    Love this garden, and especially the garden art. Fun and beautiful!

  2. gardendevas 05/23/2022

    Whimsical and delightful! Such happy beautiful flowers amid the playful elements.

  3. user-5117752 05/23/2022

    Just an absolute delight! Thank you for taking the time to share with all of us!

  4. User avater
    simplesue 05/23/2022

    I'm love'n your funky-boho style garden- very creative and fun!
    I had no idea Money Plant (Lunaria) could deal with some shade and had all of those great purple flowers- good info to learn, and your's is doing great.
    Your garden is so free-spirited...I just want to walk around on the paths and visit the cute garden she-shed now!

  5. sheila_schultz 05/23/2022

    Love it all... the garden that makes you smile, which I am sure you do a lotI Enjoy your treasures, Terry!

  6. btucker9675 05/23/2022

    Fantastical garden! I never knew that money plant had such lovely blooms and love the use of the headboard as a trellis. Everything is super creative and lovely.

  7. joxer 07/02/2023

    The garden that makes you smile, which I am sure you do a lot

  8. daviddd 08/12/2023

    Fantastical garden! I never knew that money plant had such lovely blooms and love the use of the headboard as a trellis.
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