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Flower Close-ups From Lee’s Garden

Stopping to see the details

close up of white and red parrot tulip from above

We’ve visited Lee’s garden in the Mohawk Valley in central New York before (Back to the Mohawk Valley), but today Lee is taking us to see it in a different way.

I went through some of my files with the thought of finding some of the more close-up pictures of various blooms. Even though the vast majority of growers and gardeners have seen and probably have many of these species, it is always inspiring, motivational, or just plain ol’ entertaining to take a deep look into those blooms.

They truly are a world of their own when focusing so closely to what Mother Nature offers our eyes—when we truly look rather than just pass by and move on to the next bloom. With this said, I hope that at least a few people like to really look into those blooms of their own and “study” the amazing structures within. If they haven’t in the past, maybe some bloom pictures will move the needle just a touch. And a reminder: Spring, as everything comes into growth, is a great opportunity to enjoy viewing those sprouts prior to full foliage and subsequent blooms. Sprouts are, well, cool.

I wish you all a great spring wake-up and subsequent blooming summer!

close up of yellow tulip from aboveWe often focus on tulips when still in bud, with the petals held upright, but this fully open tulip shot from above shows a whole new perspective. This is one of the fringed tulip varieties, with a distinctive shredded edge to the petals.

close up of yellow and pink double-flowered tulipThe extra petals on this double-flowered tulip create a mass of brilliant color.

close up of pink tulip with yellow centerThis view down into a tulip highlights the stigma and anthers, the parts that actually get pollinated to produce seeds and the next generation.

close up of white and red parrot tulip from aboveThe flamboyant color and texture of a parrot tulip.

close up of dark red daylily with yellow-green centerStaring into the center of this daylily (Hemerocallis hybrid, Zones 4–9) reveals its dark, nearly black petals shifting dramatically into yellow-green.

close up of peach daylily with ruffled petalsThe diversity of daylilies is mind-boggling. This soft peach-colored one has thick, extravagantly ruffled petals.

close up of dark pink and white lilyThe true lilies (Lilium species and hybrids) can be a little fussier to grow than daylilies, but wow—they can be worth it! What a stunning flower this is.

close up of Tiger lilyTiger lily (Lilium lancifolium, Zones 3–9) is a vigorous species lily, with bright orange, spotted petals.

close up of red and white dahlia with curly petalsA dahlia (Dahlia × variabilis, Zones 8–10 or as a tender bulb) with incredible dark red-and-white-striped petals shows a hint of the yellow pollen in the center of the bloom.


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    simplesue 04/13/2023

    The open yellow tulip with the fringed edges was a view I'd never seen before- so interesting, so beautiful, great photo!

  2. btucker9675 04/13/2023


  3. John_Seagle 04/14/2023

    Love it! Thanks commercial painters

  4. John_Seagle 04/15/2023

    It's really beautiful. I love it turf backyard

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