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Julie and Mike’s Baltimore Highlands Garden

Gardening and antiques combine

Joe sent in today’s photos, which feature the beautiful garden of his neighbors Julie and Mike in Baltimore.

The gardens, started 20 years ago, were built on a rustic farm-implement theme. Julie and Mike have spent a lot of time searching antique shops for the right artifacts as well as garden centers for the perfect plants to complement their style of gardening. Julie and Mike are in perfect sync and, like all gardeners, have had plant disappointments but are not deterred. This garden also features lots of birdhouses, bird feeders, birdbaths, and plants to attract pollinators. In about a month it will be in full bloom with scores of coneflowers, rudbeckia, etc., and a wide assortment of annuals in containers.

wide view of the garden with trees and lots of shrubsYou can see that Julie and Mike’s careful attention to finding the right artifacts and art for the garden, combined with careful planting, has paid off!

garden bed in the front yard starting to bloomIn the front beds in spring, some blooms are visible here and there in a prelude to the peak bloom that will arrive later in the season.

another wide view of the garden with more plants in bloomLush green accented with purple foliage and flowers makes a soothing and harmonious landscape.

tree trunk carving garden art at the back of the gardenI love the carved face in what looks like an old tree trunk turned into an art piece.

antique tricycle with basket full of annual flowersThe basket of an antique tricycle makes a perfect spot for summer annuals. Note the two hummingbird feeders above, welcoming visitors to the garden.

old wagon full of colorful container plantingsAn old wagon is full of blooms, and antique jugs serve as supports for more bird feeders.


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  1. MohawkValley 05/23/2023

    Very nice ! In one's travels for complimentary items to supplement the plants , a small walk-behind cultivator from days gone would help with the rustic theme you have cultured . Keep on growin' !

  2. user-7017435 05/23/2023

    They have several of those including an antique John Deere plow. I'm sure in future submittals quite a few of the farm implements ,hand pumps etc. will be featured. The cone flowers ,rubeckia,gaura are begininning to bloom now. The gardens are separated into areas with low rock borders that they've hauled & built themselves.

  3. user-7392754 05/23/2023

    What a beautiful and interesting garden your neighbors have created!!! Love the rock edging around the gardens! Love the old man carving overseeing everything! Thank you for sharing these beautiful gardens!!!

    1. user-7017435 05/23/2023

      It's one of those gardens that everytime you visit you see something that was there before but surprises you.

  4. User avater
    simplesue 05/23/2023

    So peaceful- so beautiful!

    1. user-7017435 05/23/2023

      It is that for sure. This is'nt a gardening neighborhood & it's like an oasis.

  5. sheila_schultz 05/23/2023

    How fun for a couple to go on the search for 'cool tools' to use as a design element in their garden! I love it as I am sure the pollinators enjoy the bountiful flowers. Fun post, thanks for sharing your neighbors garden.

    1. user-7017435 05/23/2023

      They,ve done a great job intergating the "ccol tools" into their overall design.Hopefully future submittals will show more of the detail that this 1/4 acre garden is loaded with without being overdone. They are thrilled that Fine Gardening chose to feature their gardens.

  6. janetsydoruk 05/23/2023

    Lovely garden.

  7. btucker9675 05/23/2023

    Such a very pretty garden - love the "guardian of the garden" sculpture.

  8. user-7017435 05/23/2023

    I believe they waited 2 years for the sculptor to find time to carve It in the trunk of an oak tree.

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