How to Prune Tomatoes

The rapid growth of a healthy tomato plant can sometimes lead to problems. To learn how to prune your tomatoes for better health and better fruit, check out this video with Lee Reich, author of The Pruning Book.

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  1. FourtyWasters 06/11/2014

    Thanks for the video.

  2. sandrapelletiergray 06/19/2014

    very helpful - glad I checked this before I started - I didn't realize you don't do this for determinants!!! Thank you so much!

  3. bertkinchen 07/27/2014

    Good idea, but if you live in a climate where the un is strong you will put the fruit at a grater risk of getting sunburned.

  4. andrew_richmond 07/27/2014

    How to get bigger cukecumbers~use chicken poop ?

  5. judithgrossbier 05/10/2015

    The suckers can be held in water, root, and I give to friends for their own tomato gardens. I have done that dozens of times. and the friends LOVE to not have to start theirs from scratch. I really have to pay attention to determinate vs indeterminate varieties.

    1. user-7678246 04/18/2020

      Didn’t know that! Thanks for sharing.

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