Lee Reich

  • How-To

    3 Myths About Soil

    Being mostly hidden from view makes soil mysterious, and over the years, a fair share of soil myths have been generated. These falsehoods have overstayed their welcome because, first, they’re…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Lettuce in Every Season

    Start it early, sow it often, and eat it all year

  • How-To

    To Stake or Not to Stake

    Most trees don't need staking. So how do you know when to stake and how to do it right?

  • How-To

    Amendments that Can Give Your Soil a Boost

    A gardener's guide to wood ashes, greensand, rock phosphate, soybean meal, gypsum, sulfur, alfalfa meal, and epsom salts

  • Pruning Clematis

    Pruning Clematis

    When they bloom determines when to prune

  • How-To

    Use Mulch to Manage Your Soil Conditions

    If you look around at all the landscape trees planted in islands of red bark chips these days, it’s hard to believe that garden mulching was virtually unknown half a…

  • How-To

    Making Leaf Mold

    Recycle fall's debris to create this organic soil amendment and mulch

  • How-To

    Tilling Is One Chore You Might Be Able to Skip

    Turning the soil over each year is a millennium-old tradition that has been challenged only in the last half century. The major benefits attributed to the annual rite of tilling…

  • How-To

    What Group Is My Clematis?

    Once you know the group, you can prune accordingly

  • How-To

    Building a Compost Bin

    Easy to assemble and disassemble, this bin can adapt to the size of your compost pile