Holiday Gift Ideas for Gardeners 2021

Season’s greetings, garden lovers! For the past several years as we have approached the holidays, it has been our tradition to gather up some great gardening and gardener-friendly gift ideas. While we know that what every gardener would love is more plants, they can be in short supply in the winter months! Indoor gardening is a wonderful way to keep things green through the off-season, but there are also a number of tools (such as pruners), other necessary equipment (such as garden boots), and decorations that can make getting back to gardening all the more merry. A rain gauge, a chipper, or a new hydroponic sprayer may be just the thing to help the gardener in your life to stay on top of garden tasks.

Is your gardener obsessed with pollinators? Consider a butterfly house for that favorite garden visitor. And don’t forget that those gardeners work hard, so anything that can pamper them—or their tired hands—a little bit is always welcome. Gift boxes make giving easy with collections of items any gardener would love. See below for some additional great gift ideas.

Do you have your own garden-gift wishes for this holiday season? Make sure to comment at the bottom of this page to give your family a little hint of what you might like from Santa.

Bluestone Perennials

Bluestone Perennials Gift Certificates

Give the gift of gardening with a Bluestone Perennials gift certificate. Bluestone grows and ships over 1,200 varieties of perennials, ground covers, and shrubs, from beloved garden classics to unique and hard-to-find specimens. All plants have a 100% guarantee to grow and thrive.

Price: $25 to $500

Source: bluestoneperennials.com


Corona Tools


RHS Ergo DeadHeader

A unique, wearable pruner, these Royal Horticultural
Society–endorsed ergonomic deadheading snips offer outstanding comfort, grip, and controllability. The index finger loop substantially improves control and stability, while the ergonomically shaped handle nestles comfortably in the palm of the hand. The palm-squeeze action is ideal for gardeners with reduced strength or mobility in hands or wrists, helping to minimize muscle and joint strain. The high-quality, high-carbon-steel, scissor-action blades will keep their edge over prolonged use.

Price: $20


Source: coronatoolsusa.com/FG


Sophie Conran Bypass Pruner

Combining designer flair with practicality, this Sophie
Conran for Burgon & Ball garden hand pruner is a delight to use. Smaller and lighter than many, it offers excellent control and comfort. The handle, head, and blade are crafted from a single piece of stainless steel, giving strength as well as rust resistance. This garden pruner easily cuts stems up to 34 inch in diameter, with a bypass action for making clean, healthy cuts on green growth.

Price: $50

Product: GSC/SECAT

Source: coronatoolsusa.com/FG

Easy-to-Spot Tools (and Gloves)

Here’s a bright idea to put an end to lost garden tools. With neon-bright handles in yellow or pink, these RHS-endorsed fluorescent cutting tools will never be left behind! The fruit and floral snips feature high-quality, high-carbon stainless-steel cutting blades that are easy to spot among deadheaded blooms, fresh-cut herbs, and flowers. Ideal for the vision-impaired or for anyone who simply loves all things neon, these bright and beautiful tools will add a splash of color to any garden.

Price: $9 to $34


Source: coronatoolsusa.com/FG

Stainless-Steel Dutch Hoe

A classic British-designed garden
tool, this RHS-endorsed Dutch hoe slices effortlessly through weeds just below the surface. The sharp-edged blade cuts through roots and shoots, preventing young weeds from maturing. It also gently aerates the soil for better absorption of water and nutrients. Ideal for weeding in between rows in the kitchen garden, this hoe has a stainless-steel head for rust resistance and a long, lightweight handle to eliminate bending and stooping.

Price: $60


Source: coronatoolsusa.com/FG

Corona Folding RazorTOOTH Saw

For small to medium branches, Corona’s 7-inch Folding RazorTOOTH Saw® with advanced blade technology makes cuts twice as fast as standard saws. The smaller size is ideal for carrying in your tool belt so that it’s always handy when you come across dead or damaged branches that need to be removed. Its newly redesigned grip is both ergonomic and comfortable, and its co-molded handle completely stows away the blade when closed for added safety.

Price: $25

Product: RS16120

Source: coronatoolsusa.com/FG


Garden Artisans

Water Tulip

This beautiful hand-blown glass is from American artist Andrew Holmberg. The Water Tulip flower measures approximately 6 inches wide and 6½ inches tall. With the 12-inch stake, the overall height is 20 inches. This device helps to conserve water by watering deeply. Get your liquid fertilizer down to the roots!

Price: $59

Product: AHWT

Source: gardenartisans.com


Vintage Copper Watering Can

The Vintage Copper Watering Can is crafted from solid copper and offered with two distinct finishes—shiny or textured. The can has a 2-quart capacity and is 1 foot 1/8 inch from handle to spout. Its height is 7-7/8 inches, and it has a 7-inch base diameter.

Price: $89.99

Product: BS-VC2

Source: gardenartisans.com


Glass Bird Garden Stakes

Add some sparkle to your garden with these Glass Bird Garden Stakes, offered as a set of three. Each bird measures 4 inches long by 2¾ inches deep by 3½ inches high and is mounted to a 28-inch threaded steel stake.

Price: $59.99

Product: GG-22

Source: gardenartisans.com


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Jung Seed

Sweet Golden Glitter Gift Box

This delightful gift box is filled with unprocessed honey products sourced from Honey Acres in Wisconsin. Your taste buds will sing while enjoying the Dark Chocolate Honey Truffle gift box and Raw Honey Spread. Also included is one of our new Minerva waxed amaryllis bulbs. The bulb is covered in a beautiful gold glitter wax, a perfect addition to your holiday decor.

Price: $49.95

Source: www.jungseed.com


Aromatic Gift Box

This aromatic gift box is filled with lavender products sourced from a family-owned lavender company in Wisconsin. You’ll relax while enjoying the soothing aroma with the Lavender Cuticle Cream and Lavender Roll On. Also included is one of our favorite hyacinths, ‘Peter Stuyvesant’, which is a deep purple color.

Price: $34.95

Source: www.jungseed.com


Stocking Stuffers Gift Box

This very special box includes one Christmas Tree Tin Ornament made by the Thai Village artisans who design and craft the ornaments from start to finish using local materials and tools. You’ll also receive one seed packet each of Super Giant Mix Zinnia, Music Box Mix Sunflower, and Autumn Wings Mix Gourd, along with a $25 Jung Gift Certificate.

Price: $36.95

Source: www.jungseed.com

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Garrett Wade

Butterfly Hibernation Box

Did you know that some butterfly species actually hibernate during colder months? Give them a proper place to rest with this charming Swedish-made butterfly house, sized perfectly to keep predators away for a long, peaceful winter’s rest.

Price: $59

Product: 75A03.17

Source: garrettwade.com


Ultra-Sharp Pruners with Optional Matching Sheath

Titanium nitride–coated high-carbon-steel blades stay sharp seemingly forever, and the anodized brushed aluminum handle resists sap and corrosion. This is a true workhorse tool; add the gorgeous, functional French-made sheath to complete the package.

Price: $39

Product: 67C02.06

Source: garrettwade.com

Kitchen Garden Growhouse

Full-spectrum LED grow lights ensure that your plants will be thriving and lush in no time. Perfect for countertop herb gardens, this growhouse is immaculately designed; an optional smartphone app allows for exacting customization.

Price: $209

Product: 63A02.06

Source: garrettwade.com


Miniature Garden Kit

Sure to delight crafters, model makers, and garden lovers alike, this small-scale (just over 8 inches high) cozy garden nook features dozens of fascinating details—and even a real working light. The kit presents a fun project for both kids and adults.

Price: $52.50

Product: 67A03.03

Source: garrettwade.com


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World’s Coolest Rain Gauge

World’s Coolest Rain Gauge®

The Original Floating Rain Gauge® is a fun twist on a classic weather device. Based on the Archimedean principle of water displacement, the measurement tube rises to show rainfall accumulation. This gauge is easy to read, fun to use, and made in the USA.

Price: $58.95

Source: worldscoolestraingauge.com


Wicked Wellness

Gardener’s Relief Kit

The Gardener’s Relief Kit is a necessity for a hard day’s work in the garden. It takes care of your aches and pains, and relieves wind- and sun-chapped lips. Relax with a lavender essential oil bath bomb and a soothing cup of chamomile tea. A $50 value!

Price: $35

Source: wickedwellness.net


Muck Boots

Women’s Tall Boots

These Women’s Hale boots are perfect if you’re looking for sporty, multiseason boots that are also ideal for general everyday use. They are available in a variety of fun colors and offer comfort that’s lightweight and a great fit. Designed to provide versatility with their everyday style and practicality, these boots have a self-cleaning outsole and breathable PK mesh lining, which allows them to draw moisture away and your feet to breathe on warmer days. These must-have boots are our most popular women’s boots for any season.

• 100% waterproof

• Breathable mesh lining

• Pull-on tab for easy on/off

• Ribbed outsole for easy cleaning

Price: $125

Source: muckbootcompany.com


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Patriot Products

Patriot Electric Chipper Shredder

This compact workhorse makes coin-size chips out of branches up to 2.5 inches in diameter. It will also shred piles of leaves and garden plants into great composting material. The lightweight, easy-to-move unit features large wheels and a built-in handle, and it weighs only 95 pounds. Powered by an electric motor, it turns on with the flip of a switch and has no smelly fumes. You can use it indoors or outdoors. Best of all, it is made in the USA and comes with a generous two-year warranty.

Price: $1,180.00

Source: patriot-products-inc.com


Sunset Lake CBD

Sunset Lake CBD: Pesticide Free, Farmer Owned, Vermont Grown

Sore hands? Anxious about tomato blight? Relax your body and ease your mind with products from Sunset Lake CBD, a sustainable hemp farm that handcrafts premium CBD oils, salves, and gummies, then ships them directly to your door. Our CBD is made exclusively from hemp grown on our family farm in Vermont, and millions of Americans are using CBD to help improve sleep, ease anxiety, and soothe aching muscles and joints. Experience the difference CBD can make in your life while you’re supporting sustainable agriculture!

Get 50% off your first order using coupon code GARDEN21. 


CBD oil (300 mg) $89.99  $49.99!

CBD salve (500 mg) $44.99  $22.49!

CBD gummies (1000 mg) $64.99  $34.49!

Source: sunsetlakecbd.com/finegardening



Chapin Fine Mist Hydroponic Sprayer

The Chapin 10029 Hydroponic sprayer provides better surface coverage than a standard handheld sprayer by delivering smaller, more consistent droplets. This sprayer is perfect for hydrating, fertilizing and applying pest control products to indoor or outdoor plants.  The 48 oz. bottle has calibration marks for precise measurement of fluid volume. A thumb lever on the handle allows for continuous spraying.  Three nozzle adjustments include fine mist, full spray and solid stream.

Price: contact Chapin

Source: chapinmfg.com

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