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  • Kneeler shoes

    5 Tips for the Early Summer Garden

    Winning Tip: Kneeler shoes My granddaughter bought me a garden kneeler for Christmas. I didn’t think I needed one, but it has made planting and weeding easier on my knees…

  • garden illustrations

    Behind the Scenes at Fine Gardening

    Here at Fine Gardening, the staff wear many hats. Our editors are photographers, script writers, test garden managers, and audiovisual engineers. Associate editor Carol Collins has one additional title as well:…

  • 6 Amazing Small Trees

    6 Amazing Small Trees

    Trees are critical backbones in a landscape and likely the biggest plant investment you’ll ever make because they generally have large price tags. Also, trees don’t transplant well once they’re…

  • Edging with downed-tree sections

    4 Tips for Early Spring Gardening

    Edging with downed-tree sections When a tree must be taken down in my neighborhood, I find a place in my garden for as many of the remnants as possible by…

  • Faelan’s First Snow tomato

    Expert Picks: The Best Tomato to Add to Your Veggie Garden

    Tomatoes are a favorite crop of many home gardeners, who love the fresh flavor and variety they can achieve when they grow their own. But despite the overwhelming number of…

  • How-To

    5 Tips to Help Your Garden Now

    Winning Tip: Plant tables I take over our patio every year to harden off seedlings, and I am always picking up clearance plants, many of which wait in my driveway…

  • Winter Containers

    Uncommon Options for Winter Containers

    Winter containers can be a challenge. With fewer plants available in many parts of the country, even the best container designers often resort to arrangements of cut greens and colorful…

  • Garden Photo of the Day

    Nan and David’s Garden on Long Island

    Welcome to Southampton, New York, where Nan and David Adams are giving us a tour of their garden. We have been married for over 50 years and are going strong…

  • Design

    Tour a Stylish Pollinator Garden

    In Designing a Stylish Pollinator Garden, author John Gwynne shared with us his tips for growing a pollinator-friendly garden. However, his design makes this garden a lovely spot for humans…

  • Garden Photo of the Day

    From Annuals to Orchids in Connecticut

    Today we have more photos from the wonderful garden of Elle Ronis in Stamford, Connecticut. (See a previous post from her here.) Abelmoschus manihot (Zones 8–10 or as annual) is…