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  • finished potting bench with sink, plants and watering can

    A Potting Table with a Twist

    It’s not easy being the carpenter son of a garden-center owner. It seems as if every year my mother asks me to build something crazy that she has seen in…

  • Two chairs painted green, on a small patio with a plant next to them

    Which Wood Finish is Best For You?

    Looks that last. These garden chairs won’t need yearly refinishing, thanks to a coat of paint. It’s tempting to leave outdoor wooden structures and furniture unfinished. You’ll save yourself the…

  • Article

    Exciting Vertical Plants That Pack a Punch

    I love vertical plants for their ability to stop your eye and let your mind rest for a moment among the sumptuous, blowsy mounds of smaller annuals and perennials. A…

  • updated cottage garden

    Revamping the Cottage Style

    Joy Davey dreamed of having a cottage garden. She could picture the dense, flower-filled beds surrounding her Craftsman-style house. The breezy informality of the cottage look resonated with her lifestyle…

  • Design

    4 Ways to Use Hostas in the Garden

    It is hard to find a genus that is as diverse, eye-catching, and easy to grow as Hosta (USDA Hardiness Zones 3–9), so it is no wonder that this is…

  • Design

    Design Ideas for a Small Space

    All Ted and Nancy Dobson wanted was a simple container garden. But when my partner and I first met with them, we discovered that the Dobsons’ backyard looked more like…

  • Article

    Personal Touches Make all the Difference

    As a garden designer, I always make it a point to bring my clients to my garden to show them my personal style but, more important, to give them a…

  • Design

    Two Secrets to Great Design

    Coloring outside the lines takes creativity and a good bit of courage. Bryan and Cassandra Barrett have both. As a contractor and garden designer, respectively, this husband-and-wife duo makes a…

  • Design

    How to Design an Elegant Entryway Garden

    If you’ve designed your entryway garden well, visitors and passersby will get a good idea of who lives inside. It’s like a window to your personality. Do you like warm,…