Underused Plants

  • tree with pink samaras

    Underappreciated Trees for the Northern Plains

    If your garden needs a new small tree, you should look beyond the usual candidates and add something different that will diversify your landscape. Here are some of the most…

  • underused perennials

    Underused Perennials for Your Region

    When you're looking to plant a new perennial, the options are plentiful, with new cultivars introduced every year. But that doesn't mean all plants are treated equal, or that some…

  • Collection

    Awesome, Underused Rhododendrons

    I knew rhododendrons at an early age. These woody evergreens were great havens in a game of hide-and-seek—if you could find a way to navigate the tangled hell of branches…

  • Design

    Rhododendrons for Fantastic Foliage

    I think my favorite rhododendrons are those that make statements with their foliage. Most plants have a window of flowering time within a growing season, and as spectacular as that…

  • Design

    Rhododendrons for Fabulous Flowers

    While distinctive foliage can hold the whole season—providing texture, color, and persistence in the garden—it is impossible to deny the power of plants such as rhododendrons when in full bloom.…