Underused Perennials for Your Region

Fine Gardening - Issue 187
Photos, clockwise from left: great masterwort (Michelle Gervais); Oldham’s gold false foxglove (; purple poppy mallow (Bill Johnson); fruity germander (Photo:

When you’re looking to plant a new perennial, the options are plentiful, with new cultivars introduced every year. But that doesn’t mean all plants are treated equal, or that some plants don’t get more attention than others.

Of course, some of this is warranted. Some varieties are hardier, showier, or less aggressive than others. However, there are also plenty of perennials that simply go under the radar and don’t get the attention (or space in the garden) that they deserve.

Are you tired of the usual suspects? Maybe you want to plant something that makes your visitors ask, “What is that?” Or are you simply feeling inspired to try something new? If any of these are ringing a bell, our regional experts have the plants for you. Find great, underused perennials for your region below.