• pink fringed tulip blossom

    Dreaming of Tulips in New York

    Today we’re visiting with Lee, who gardens in central New York State. We’ve visited Lee's garden before (Early Spring Blooms from the Mohawk Valley). Greetings from the Mohawk Valley. We're…

  • metal pig statue next to purple and orange flowers in the garden

    Early Spring Blooms from the Mohawk Valley

    Today we’re in Lee's garden, in the Mohawk Valley of New York State. We visited earlier this spring, and Lee took us on an ant’s-eye view of the developing sprouts…

  • mass plantings of blue grape hyacinths with yellow daffodils and orange tulips

    GPOD on the Road: Keukenhof

    Keukenhof is an iconic park in Lisse, the Netherlands. It sits in the heart of the bulb-growing region and is an over-the-top showcase of the region's most famous export. These…

  • Design

    Growing Species Tulips for Early Spring Blooms

    You are not alone—the yearning for spring is both universal and understandable. And for many of us, spring translates into bulbs. Even more specifically, we think of spring in terms…

  • Design

    Gambling on Tulips | Letter from the Editor

    Voles and bulbs do not mix well. When I first planted my garden over a decade ago, I didn’t have a vole problem. But in more recent years, my property…

  • Article

    Seasons in Lyle’s Garden

    My name is Lyle Johnson. I have been gardening on a 60-foot by 180-foot city lot in Galesburg, Illinois, for a little more than 30 years. Over that time the…

  • deep purple tulips

    Spring Bulbs in Marlene’s Garden

    Today we’re headed to Westerville, Ohio, to see a beautiful display created by Marlene Suter. When she emailed in these photos, she introduced them by saying simply, “I love spring…

  • many yellow daffodils in a vase

    Magnolias and Daffodils in Pennsylvania

    Sandra Hung, in West Chester, Pennsylvania, sent in today’s photos. I have learned about gardening since I was little, about four or five years old, and have always enjoyed it.…

  • Design

    The Tulip Lady

    Today Michele Krause is sharing her garden with us. I live in Lake Country area, in Delafield, Wisconsin. My home was built at the turn of the century. Up until…

  • Design

    Favorite Moments in Susie’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting Susie Talbot’s garden, reliving some beautiful moments of spring and summer. Tulips afire! Sunlight coming behind these blooms sets them off with pure magic. I want to…