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  • man trimming shade container

    How to Get Your Shade Containers To Look Great All Season Long

    How is taking care of a container in the shade different from taking care of a container in full sun? Does the limited light provide additional challenges—or does it provide…

  • tropical shade container

    Tropical Inspiration for Shade Containers

    It’s easy to ignore the shady corners of our gardens and focus on areas with the most light, especially when it comes to creating warm-season containers. Many of us get…

  • Brick paths around a many square garden spaces

    Ginny’s Gardening Adapting to Shade

    My name is Ginny McNally, I'm from Hatboro, Pennsylvania. I'd been gardening on a small scale for about 40 years. At first I had a vegetable garden, grew all sorts…

  • Deadheading Begonia in Hanging basket with Helichrysum

    Out-of-the-Ordinary Containers for Shade

    Do you feel like once you’ve seen one shady container design, you’ve really seen them all? I often feel that way, and I have no excuse for monotony since I…

  • How-To

    Simple Steps to Prevent Powdery Mildew

    If you grow common vegetable garden crops -- like beans, peas, squash, pumpkins, melons and cucumbers –- you might see a powdery white coating on leaves and stems during the…

  • Design

    Hostas and More for Shade

    Welcome to Cherie Walda’s shade garden. My husband and I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We moved here in 1987 to an acre of land with maple, pine, ash, and…

  • Article

    Plan Now for a Spring Display

    Today’s photos come from Vanessa Bianchi, who moved from Florida to the Midwest a couple of years ago and had to learn about gardening in a new climate. I moved…

  • Article

    Made for Shade

    Today’s photos come from Karen Holmen: I am a long-time gardener in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. What started as a small backyard garden has grown over many years to a…

  • Design

    A Teaching Garden

    The Hahn Horticulture Garden on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, is not only a beautiful public display garden that shows off a wide range of plants grown…

  • ground cover for shade

    10 Ground Covers for Shade

    It is often the case that we gardeners find ourselves with a shady corner in our yard where nothing grows. What we long for is one plant that will take…