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Ginny’s Gardening Adapting to Shade

Maturing trees mean a changing garden

Brick paths around a many square garden spaces

My name is Ginny McNally, I’m from Hatboro, Pennsylvania.

I’d been gardening on a small scale for about 40 years. At first I had a vegetable garden, grew all sorts of things. Then our trees started to take a lot of the sunshine away, so the vegetable garden was filled in. My husband and I built the English-type garden you see, and I have tried many different flowers and plants. I have numerous gardens throughout my yard.

Many pots of plants on a brick patioA brick patio and neatly trimmed shrubs give this part of the garden a formal feel, and the multitude of pots full of blooming annuals softens the look and brings color to the space.

garden bed with a tall urn in the center of itMixed perennials fill this bed, with taller shrubs and ornamental grasses forming a backdrop, while an urn filled with succulents makes a centerpiece.

clematis with purple and white flowersThe flowers of this pretty incredible double-flowered clematis (possibly the variety Clematis ‘Taiga’, Zones 6 – 9) steal the show here, while foliage and a brick path form the backdrop to these incredible blooms.

many-petaled clematis flower beginning to openThis clematis flower is beginning to unfold layer after layer of purple-and-green petals.

A swinging bench next to a garden around a treeOne of the most important spots in any garden is a place to sit, relax, and enjoy the beauty.

A garden in front of a houseThe increasing shade of a maturing garden doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Here a mixture of foliage in different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures creates a beautiful effect.

garden bed with unusual car plant containerThis is of the more unusual pieces of garden art I’ve seen! I love that even the car has been turned into a space for a few more plants.

A shed just visible behind shrubs and a gardenThe garden shed is beautiful, and surrounded by lush greenery.

Brick paths around a many square garden spacesPerfectly geometric English-style garden beds act as a frame to show off the plants within them.


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  1. Rebeccazone7 07/05/2021

    Oh what a treat to wake up to. It's so refreshing to see gardens that just follow the whims of the gardeners and mix so many different elements. Keep your eyes out, as I'm eyeing that car. I love everything about all of it.

    1. user-7864417 07/05/2021

      Thank you Rebecca, yes I really do follow my whims, no rhyme or reason in my garden. My husband & I had a Corvette just like the toy. Joe found it in a flea market and we decided to put it in front of the garage, Of course I had to fill it with something!

  2. User avater
    treasuresmom 07/05/2021

    That clematis is out of this world!

    1. user-7864417 07/05/2021

      Thank you, it really is beautiful, it's been blooming for almost 2 months and still has some small blooms just starting to open.

  3. gardendevas 07/05/2021

    Wow! Love the contrast of your beautiful brick walks and edging with the lush plants, especially the mature shrubs. A very lovey garden. And yes, that clematis!!

    1. user-7864417 07/05/2021

      Thank you, just love trying new things, filled to the brim, no where else to plant anything but still trying...

  4. user-7864417 07/05/2021

    I’m Ginny’s daughter and I was spoiled growing up in this beautiful oasis! So happy to see her featured here today!

    1. User avater
      simplesue 07/06/2021

      Awww that's sweet! I too remember the gardens of my childhood, such great memories.

  5. btucker9675 07/05/2021

    Your gardens certainly haven't suffered from becoming shadier - everything is just beautiful! Your "whims" have served you well!

  6. User avater
    simplesue 07/06/2021

    I almost missed this garden post because of the holiday...Wow love the "shed garden" and that big holly tree and what looks like a Skip Cherry Laurel and the "English garden" it pure perfection in plants and design!
    Also love that bird bath with the variegated hosta in front of it in the foliage garden.
    I really love this garden!

  7. user-5117752 07/06/2021

    Simply charming in every way!

  8. starvnmarvn 07/07/2021

    Beautiful job Ginny. An acorn planted by my young daughter over 40 years ago grew rapidly to 80 feet & shaded out our once productive veggie garden. We also had to learn to adapt. Fortunately, it's always been a labor of love & creativity. Alan, Kintnersville, PA

  9. carolineyoungwilliams 07/14/2021

    Everything is so beautiful Ginny. Thank you for sharing your creative work.

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