• Flame Thrower eastern redbud

    Shopping-List Plants for the Midwest

    If you’ve run into a garden rut, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to start planning for your first trip to the local nursery or garden center. What plants will…

  • pink roses in the garden

    Terry’s California Garden

    We’re in Northridge, California today, visiting with Terry Sanders: I live and garden in a very ordinary suburban neighborhood. This is a photo of part of my front yard with…

  • close up of pink climbing roses

    GPOD on the Road: Smallhythe Place

    Cindy Strickland has shared on the GPOD before (Gardening for a Friend), and today she’s taking us along to visit a beautiful English garden. Smallhythe Place in Southeast England was…

  • close up of colorful Ash leaf spirea foliage

    Rose Family Members in Susan’s Garden

    Today’s photos are from Susan Warde of St. Paul, Minnesota (Zone 4b). The rose family (Rosaceae) provides us with numerous beautiful plants besides just the rose species. Here are a…

  • front porch with lots of climbing roses all over

    Roses from Patricia’s Garden

    Today’s photos are from Patricia Smith. My favorite moments of the day are in my gardens. I love sharing my gardens and photos of my gardens with everyone in hopes…

  • low maintance roses

    Low-Maintenance Roses With Incredible Fragrance

    Roses are quintessential garden treasures that evoke romantic images of Sissinghurst and other iconic British landscapes. Here in the United States, however, they have developed a bit of a bad…

  • growing roses in containers

    Tips for Growing Roses in Containers

    Velvety petals, pleasing forms, spectacular colors, and intoxicating fragrances make roses the loveliest flowers a gardener can grow. Roses are simply gorgeous adorning the flower garden and are even more…

  • container roses

    Great Rose Varieties for Growing in Containers

    Every gardener needs to grow at least one rose (Rosa spp. and cvs., Zones 2–11), although sometimes the only sunny spot in the yard is a concrete patch. Most roses…

  • a bouquet of spring blooming plants

    Small-Space Gardening in Texas

    Today we’re off to Texas to visit a gardener who makes the most of a small garden space, filling it with a collection of lovely, cottage-style blooms. A small garden…

  • best roses for the garden

    The Best Roses for Your Garden

    Gertrude Stein once wrote, "A rose is a rose is a rose." But when it comes to growing them, not all roses are equal. Since many roses put on their…