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Roses from Patricia’s Garden

An incredible collection of romantic blooms

front porch with lots of climbing roses all over

Today’s photos are from Patricia Smith.

My favorite moments of the day are in my gardens. I love sharing my gardens and photos of my gardens with everyone in hopes of providing them with a few moments of peace and serenity.

close up of white David Austin roseIt’s hard to get more romantic and serene than a perfect rose. This looks to be one of the David Austin varieties, combining old-fashioned rose forms with modern reblooming and growth habits.

close up of bright red garden roseDoes any plant do rich, velvety red better than roses?

hanging basket with red white and blue flowersRed, white, and blue petunias (Petunia hybrids, Zones 10–11 or as an annual) are joined in this hanging basket by a yellow sedum (Sedum ‘Angelina’, Zones 5–9).

close up of large light pink roseHere’s another wonderful rose. I love this angle, looking up at the nodding flower, with more flower buds and the blue sky above.

close up of multicolored roseThis brilliantly colored rose looks like it could be the classic variety ‘Joseph’s Coat’.

front porch with lots of climbing roses all overThe front porch is lined with climbing roses just dripping with blooms. Climbing roses don’t cling to structures by themselves; each cane has to be carefully tied into place, which can be a difficult process because of the thorns. Patricia’s hard work growing and training these roses has paid off incredibly. Her front porch is stunning.

close up of bright pink roses with dog in backgroundLooks like the beautiful roses are popular with four-legged visitors to the garden as well!

close up of Dr. Huey roseThis rose looks like it might be the variety ‘Dr. Huey’, which commonly ends up in gardens because it was popular as a root stock in the past. If a delicate variety grafted onto it dies, sometimes the root stock takes over and you get a rose like this.

planting of bright pink Double Knockout roses‘Double Knock Out’ rose is a very popular variety because it is durable, disease resistant, and flowers heavily.

Peonies (Paeonia hybrids, Zones 3–8) and bearded irises (Iris hybrids, Zones 3–8) bloom along a fence. Peonies and irises are standards in gardens new and old because they are so beautiful, reliable, and long-lived.


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  1. User avater
    simplesue 06/05/2023

    Beautiful garden, love the dog photo amongst your roses. I actually like the ‘Dr. Huey’ rose that survives, and often used only for root grafts- such a rich old fashioned red.
    Also nice job on the climbing roses on the porch!

  2. alicefleurkens 06/05/2023

    Your roses are fantastic. Even though I garden a lot, I have never had any luck with roses. Maybe I just got the wrong kind. Yours are beautiful. Alice

  3. btucker9675 06/05/2023

    Your porch is divine! Do you have to battle Japanese beetles? I have several roses, but really struggle with the beetles.

  4. jos29803 06/05/2023

    The most gorgeous roses I've ever seen in a home garden. I usually avoid roses because of maintenance, but yours almost make me change my mind.

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