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    Bold, Shade-Loving Rodgersias

    ❋ Plant-Trial Results ❋   Some plants need time to grow on you, while others take hold from the start—the draw might be flower color, foliar texture, or something intrinsic.…

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    Regional Picks: Best New Finds – Northwest

    1. Tracy’s Maidenhair Fern Name: Adiantum × tracyi Usda Hardiness Zones:7 to 9 Size:12 inches tall and 18 to 24 inches wide Conditions:Partial shade; rich, well-drained soil with occasional watering…

  • Yellow Wax-Bells

    Regional Picks: Bold Plants for Shade – Northeast

    Finding plants that flourish in the shade isn't the challenge. Anyone can find a flock of ferns or a herd of hostas to turn their shade garden into a green…

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    Big-leaved Perennials

    Make a bold statement in the sun or shade

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    4 Ways to Use Hostas in the Garden

    It is hard to find a genus that is as diverse, eye-catching, and easy to grow as Hosta (USDA Hardiness Zones 3–9), so it is no wonder that this is…

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    There’s More Than One Way to Be Bold in the Garden

    Any garden can be bold, like that of Marilyn Wallace. The spaces she creates, indoors and out, emphasize strong elements balanced by more delicate or intricate ones (or just empty…

  • Meadow Rues

    Plant Trial Results: Meadow Rues

    One of my longtime favorite garden plants is lavender mist meadow rue. I love its dainty flowers and long-blooming nature, not to mention the fact that its handsome foliage remains…

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    Regional Picks: Plants to Buy This Year – Northeast

    1. ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Jacob’s Ladder Name: Polemonium reptans ‘Stairway to Heaven’ USDA Hardiness Zones: 3 to 8 Size: 15 to 18 inches tall and 12 to 15 inches wide…