• Kitchen Gardening

    Perfect Pickled Peppers: Recipes for the Garden

    Pepper plants will keep producing as long as you keep picking the produce. Pickling is an easy way to preserve the flavor of freshly picked peppers.

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    5 Ways to Veg Out for Thanksgiving

    It’s time to give thanks for vegetables! Here are five simple ways to give vegetables a special place at the Thanksgiving table.

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    Healthy and Hearty Split Pea Soup

    This split pea soup sticks with you--it is chockablock full of vegetables and flavor--as well as roots and herbs that will build up your immune system and keep you healthy…

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    Recipes featuring Pulses

    Having been a vegetarian for over 40 years, I have a large repertoire of recipes featuring legumes: beans, lentils, split peas, chickpeas, etc. I have written a number of recipes…

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    Online Cooking Classes for Vegetable Gardeners

    If you grow herbs, greens and assorted vegetables, chances are you’re always looking for fresh and easy recipes to help make the most of them. A new set of online…

  • How-To

    Making Chocolat with Chile Powder

    This seductive beverage was inspired by the one prepared in the movie Chocolat. Rich, dark, and smooth this hot chocolate is subtly uplifted with a hint of vanilla and the…

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    Veggie Reuben

    This is one of my favorite sandwiches and it is most delicious when you use your own sauerkraut, pickles and peppers. The secret is in the sauce...

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    Savory Recipe: Homemade Salsa with Black Beans and Corn

    In my last blog, I said that I would post a recipe from my program on "Seasoning with Savory" which I gave at the IHA conference in Canada. Here is…

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    Summer Squash Sauté

    It's that time of year--the summer weather has arrived--and so the seasonal produce is just starting to come in: squash time! Here is a quick, easy, tasty squash saute that…

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    Lima Beans with Tarragon

    I have preserved tarragon on hand from last season, so I am able to use it to brighten winter dishes. If you haven’t done it before, be sure to preserve…