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    Two Ways to Add Mass Plantings Without Breaking the Bank

    Look no further than the theater if you want to add some real impact to your perennial or flower garden. After all, a garden is essentially a living stage, so…

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    Gardening in the Southwest: How to Use Microclimates

    Obvious shifts in climate patterns are changing our natural world. Large trees are dying, moderate temperature swings are now more extreme, and storms are more sporadic and violent when they…

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    Six Ways to Improve Your Garden With Containers

    If there were a gardening equivalent to the cooking adage “Salt makes everything better,” it would likely be “Pots make everything pop.” Many of us spend precious time and energy…

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    How to Site Your Ground-Cover Plants Right

    The further the spacing, the fewer plants that are needed to cover an area. However, this also means it takes more time for bare areas of ground to be covered.…

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    8 Ways to Create Crowd-Pleasing Containers

    Containers open up a world of design possibilities for apartment dwellers, gardeners with limited time or space, and anyone who wants to add an instant focal point to their daily…

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    Southern California June Garden To-Do List

    Do some last-minute planting. Call me crazy, but I love June gloom. We all know that the heat is going to come and stay for a while, so I always…

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    Tomato Timing Checklist

    It can be taxing to figure out when to plant, prune, and harvest tomatoes. Plant your seeds too late and you'll never harvest any fruit. Or forget to harden-off your…

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    Choosing and Planting a Conifer

    A conifer can be a substantial garden purchase, so think ahead and be strategic when choosing and planting one. Here are some things to consider: Conifers are a long-term investment.…

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    A Tidy Way to Pot a Container

    Containers are a great way to showcase your favorite plants. Container planting gives you many options for combining different plants, as well as easily changing the layout of your garden.…

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    How to Deep-Plant Tomatoes

    There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to plant tomatoes. To ensure that your plants are as healthy as possible, and to get the biggest yield possible,…