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  • spring-flowering bulbs

    Northern California November Garden To-Do List

    In November the days are even shorter, the cold has set in, and with any luck, rains are a regular occurrence. Most gardeners are less inclined to spend time outdoors,…

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    Midwest November Garden To-Do List

    Don’t clean up too much of the garden. A traditional approach to cleaning up autumn gardens includes raking leaves, cutting back perennials, removing annuals, and collecting debris. While this approach…

  • Silvervein creeper

    Explosive Late Fall Color in the Northwest

    Fall is a wonderful time of year in the Pacific Northwest. I really enjoy the slower pace in my garden and my clients’ gardens. My walks around the neighborhood and…

  • Shishi Gashira camellia

    Fall-Blooming Sasanqua Camellias Shine in the South

    What can you plant in either the shade or the sun that is both evergreen and flowering? Sasanqua camellias (Camellia sasanqua, Zones 7–9) are underappreciated shrubs that are extremely versatile.…

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    Native Ornamental Grasses for the Northern Plains

    Native ornamental grasses have an important place in the prairie landscape of the Northern Plains, where at one time they formed the foundation of the North American Prairie. Capable of…

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    Tulip or Not Tulip? Growing Tulips Successfully in the Southeast

    It’s hard not to love tulips (Tulipa spp. and cvs., Zones 3–8). Just as the fresh greens of early spring begin to stir our senses, up shoot a mass of…

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    Amazing Asters for a Late-Season Show

    There is no reason to stop gardening in fall. With an amazing selection of beautiful fall-blooming and fall-foliage plants and with the soil still warm, fall is a great time…

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    The Wonderful World of Air Plants

    Air plants (Tillandsia spp., Zones 10–12) are beautiful little creatures, though they intimidate many plant lovers. They have become quite trendy over the past few years, and you can’t look…

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    Unique Bulbs for the Southern Garden

    The term “bulb” has become a generic term for the assortment of “true” bulbs, corms, tubers, and even rhizomes we may plant in fall or spring. What I really mean…

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    Hardy Evergreens for the Northern Plains

    Evergreens are a vital component of the winter landscape in the Northern Plains, where the other three seasons may last three months on the calendar but seem to fluctuate wildly…