• winter floral arrangement

    Festive Greenery—Bringing the Outside In

    As the winter creeps up and frost is evident in the world around us, many of us consider ways to stay connected with and enjoy the beauty of nature indoors.…

  • gifts for gardeners

    FG Staff and Friends Pick: Holiday Gift Ideas for Gardeners

    I've always thought about redoing the lyrics of “Santa Baby” by Eartha Kitt to make it more gardener-friendly. Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting a ’54 convertible in light…

  • gift ideas gardeners
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    Holiday Gift Ideas for Gardeners 2023

    As the holiday season approaches, we're delighted to present our much-anticipated Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners. Whether you have a green-thumbed friend, a seasoned gardener in the family, or you're…

  • holiday garden crafts

    8 Easy Holiday Garden Crafts

    As temperatures start to cool and there are fewer chores to do outside, I start thinking about how I can extend the gardening season. One way is to start dreaming…

  • Design

    Build a Holiday Garden Gnome

    After such a long and dreary year, we could all use a celebration. Add some cheer to your front yard this holiday season with an adorable holiday garden gnome built…

  • Article

    Making Holiday Decor From the Garden

    Today a good friend of the GPOD, Cherry Ong from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada (see some of her previous posts here and here) is sharing some beautiful and creative ways she…

  • How-To

    How to Make a Holiday Boxwood Tree

    Need to perk up your home for the holidays? Learn how to easily and cheaply make a boxwood tree. These trees can sell for $60 and more at floral shops,…

  • Collection

    Holiday Garden Inspiration Collection

    If you are looking for holiday decorating inspiration, there's no better place to look than our past Garden Photos of the Day. Over the years, our readers have sent in…

  • Collection

    DIY Gardening Gift Ideas for Mom

    Does your mother love to garden? Fine Gardening has pulled together these do-it-yourself projects to give you some ideas to help her make the garden of her dreams this Mother's…

  • Article

    Yuletide Plants from the Global Garden

    The plants we like to grow in our gardens hold special symbolism at Christmas time. Many of our favorite fruits, berries and nuts are much more than sweet treats we…