DIY Gardening Gift Ideas for Mom

Does your mother love to garden? Fine Gardening has pulled together these do-it-yourself projects to give you some ideas to help her make the garden of her dreams this Mother’s Day.

From simple to more complex projects, any mother would love to receive these gestures of appreciation. Making something is much more personal than buying something, and it gives you the opportunity to put your own unique mark on the item you create. And Mom will feel loved and think of you every time she sees what you made for her!

Most mothers say that all they want is to spend some time with their children. So you might even consider starting these projects together and work side by side this year.



  • How-To

    Easy DIY Pot Fountain

    Make a water fountain to help Mom transform her garden into a soothing oasis for relaxation. Includes easy step-by-step instruction and video.
  • The Dirt

    A Place for Mom to Work

    Use this tutorial for a potting table that will give Mom a place to work when she's playing in the garden.
  • How-To

    Easy to Build Rustic Tuteur

    Mom will love this tuteur for her climbing plants. Want bonus points? Make her the tuteur, then buy her a clematis or climbing rose!
  • painted clay pots

    Paint Clay Pots for Mom's Flowers

    Learn how to paint clay pots, and give Mom some containers that were designed by you! Easy to do and very personal.
  • designing containers

    Make Mom a Container Designed by You

    Learn how to combine plants and make Mom a pretty container to display on her stoop or along a pathway.
  • Design

    A Hanging Basket for Mother's Day

    Short on leg room? Make Mom a suspended garden with this hanging-basket tutorial. Containers last longer than flowers and will remind Mom how special she is to you for months to come.
  • Create your own hypertufa trough, you'll need peat moss, perlite, and Portland cement to create a unique planter.

    Make a Hypertufa Trough

    It's not hard to make a hypertufa trough yourself, and it's cheaper than buying one. These rustic-looking containers can be shaped to your liking, and you can even add embellishments using leaves and flowers.
  • How-To

    Make Mosaic Garden Art

    This wonderful DIY project leaves no shortage of room for creativity. Go to your local thrift store, pick up some old ceramic plates, and see what sort of garden art you can put together for Mom.
  • How-To

    Build Mom a Brick Path

    Want a bigger project that Mom will appreciate for years to come? Add a path to her garden, and give her a place to stroll and enjoy all of her hard work.
  • How-To

    Moisturizing Herbal Balms from the Garden

    If Mom is a gardener, her hands most likely take a pretty good beating. Between water, soil, and sun, it's easy for a gardener's skin to suffer. This moisturizing herbal balm is a thoughtful gift you can easily make yourself.
  • building a garden arbor

    A Pretty and Easy to Build Arbor

    An arbor provides a nice doorway to the garden and can be used to grow vines and roses. Make one for Mom and help her always make an entrance when gardening.
  • How-To

    Light Up Mom's Night

    These easy-to-make garden lanterns look beautiful and bring ambiance to the garden at night. If Mom likes to entertain out of doors, these lanterns are a must-have to lengthen the evening.
  • How-To

    Give Mom a Pretty Place to Sit

    After all that hard work in the garden, Mom needs a garden bench to perch on and enjoy the labors of her love. This easy-to-assemble bench can be put together in under an hour.