• installing a drip irrigation system

    An Easy Approach to DIY Drip Irrigation

    When my wife and I planted our gardens in Sandy, Utah, we knew we’d have to somehow irrigate our plants. For several years, we watered with a hose and sprinkler,…

  • small space garden

    4 Ways to Get More Veggies From a Small Space

    Today’s vegetable gardens may be Lilliputian compared with those of yesteryear, but new techniques return more bang for the buck in terms of space used and energy expended. Traditional gardens…

  • thinning depends on the crop

    Learn How to Thin Vegetable Seedlings

    Some people hate to see a plant go to waste, as I discovered one day while thinning chard in the company of an eight-year-old child. Intent on my task, I…

  • airy plants

    Be Bold with Fine Texture

    Walk outside and look around. No doubt your eyes will fall upon at least one fine-textured plant. These plants are often so subtle, so refined, that it’s easy to take…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Why Lettuce Bolts

    When lettuce plants stop making leaves and start making flowers, they turn bitter

  • Design

    Tips to Design a Low-Maintenance Garden

    Three great ways to decrease chores and increase enjoyment of your landscape

  • Article

    Dixter in the drizzle

    A visit to Great Dixter is well worth the trip: even if it is raining.

  • Meadow Rues

    Plant Trial Results: Meadow Rues

    One of my longtime favorite garden plants is lavender mist meadow rue. I love its dainty flowers and long-blooming nature, not to mention the fact that its handsome foliage remains…

  • heading lettuce

    How to Grow Heading Lettuce

    Crisp and crunchy or buttery and tender, heading varieties of lettuce have lots to offer. Expert lettuce grower Renee Shepherd shares her expertise.