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  • growing fruit trees on the coast

    Growing Fruit Trees Successfully on the Pacific Northwest Coast

    No matter where in the world you garden, harvesting healthy, home-grown, deliciously ripe fruit from your own backyard orchard is immensely satisfying. Every region has its own advantages and challenges…

  • bareroot fruit trees at a nursery

    Tips for Choosing and Planting a Bareroot Fruit Tree in Northern California

    Plucking mouthwatering fruit from your own home-grown fruit tree is so rewarding. Growing your own lowers your carbon footprint (that luscious peach you're biting into was not driven in from…

  • fruit trees

    The Best Fruit Trees for Southern California

    Fruit trees can be one of the best additions to any landscape. They offer shade and color in addition to healthy, delicious food. Many fruit trees can be grown in…

  • fig plant wrapped up for winter

    Overwintering In-Ground Figs in Colder Climates

    The most important rule when growing figs in cold areas is to be creative. For example, I once met a Zone 5 grower who made a “figatorium,” a greenhouse with…

  • how to grow figs

    How to Grow Figs, Even in Colder Climates

    Figs intrigue many gardeners. The breadth of interest struck me when I donated a spindly little dormant fig plant for a raffle and the winner told me she had received…

  • dormant fruit trees

    Deciduous Fruit Tree Pruning Primer

    January and February mean that deciduous fruit tree pruning season is upon many of us. Although this garden task can be intimidating, there are some things to keep in mind…

  • Design

    7 Easy Fruit Trees to Grow Right in Your Own Backyard

    The main problem with many of the dwarf fruit trees available is that the fruit they produce rarely matches up to that of their full-size counterparts. Research continues, though, with…

  • How-To

    How to Grow Dwarf Fruit Trees

    Growing your own orchard fruits in the backyard is extremely rewarding and gives you an empowering sense of resiliency. It reduces your carbon footprint (that luscious peach you’re biting into…

  • How-To

    How to Prune Dwarf Fruit Trees

    Given the challenges of true dwarfing rootstocks (toppling and high moisture needs), many gardeners may choose a variety with a semi-dwarfing rootstock instead. That can be a good move. Semi-dwarfing…

  • Design

    Put Fruit Trees on Your Holiday Wish Lists

    Well, that was a wild and wooly autumn! Throughout the Rockies, autumn gave us unusually early and record-breaking cold temps, a blizzard, and some of the best fall colors I’ve…