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    Planting a Fruit Tree Guild

    Many gardeners have heard of the “three sisters,” a traditional example of companion planting for corn, beans, and squash. Fewer gardeners are familiar with the concept of a plant guild,…

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    Fruit Trees and Berries for the Mountain States

    Apricots, apples, cherries, peaches, and pears add edible interest when planted right into your flower borders. For the typical suburban garden, I highly recommend semi-dwarf or dwarf trees. In my…

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    Planning a Brand New Home Orchard

    Brand new farm. Brand new home orchard.

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    How to Thin Peaches

    Editor Steve Aitken heads up to Bishop's Orchard in Guilford, Connecticut to learn how to thin peaches from orchard owner Jonathan Bishop. How to Thin Peaches Learn how to thin…

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    Two Ways to Prune New Fruit Trees

    Pruning is an art and a science. And with fruit trees, it is essential for health and robust harvests. Mature fruit trees are pruned annually to maintain their size and…

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    Multi-Grafted Fruit Trees are Perfect for Small Gardens

    We small-space gardeners are indebted to those that pioneered these trees and we're prepared to take full advantage.

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Another Improved Meyer Lemon Tree in Suburbia

    While I'm not a masterful fruit grower, I manage to successfully harvest the ones in my yard. And this year, suburbia has one more Improved Meyer lemon tree.

  • scale insect damage on leaves
    Kitchen Gardening

    Controlling Scales, a Common Pest of Fruit Trees

    Scale insects can be serious pests for fruit and nut trees, currants, grapes, and raspberries. Here's how to deal with them.