• large mass of blue flowers

    Eric in South Carolina

    Today’s photos are from Eric Shealy, a horticulturalist who works at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia, South Carolina. Gardening in South Carolina means beautiful flowers can arrive any day…

  • blue hydrangeas

    Assorted GPODs

    From time to time I get submissions to the GPOD that are just one or two photos—not enough to make a full post. Often, though, these photos are beautiful and…

  • poolside garden in full bloom

    Heidi’s Poolside Garden

    My name is Heidi Steffes, and I’ve been gardening on six acres in Waukesha, Wisconsin, for 38 years. While I have many gardening areas, today's photos are from our pool…

  • Design

    Early Spring in Brigitta’s Garden

    This is your GPOD editor, Joseph, and a few days ago I drove up to Michigan to visit my friend Brigitta Stewart. She runs a small mail-order nursery called Arrowhead…

  • red flowers next to plant with red foliage

    Gardening in Northern Colorado

    Today’s photos are from Bryan Fischer, who gardens in northern Colorado and embraces the dry climate there to create beautiful gardens. Volunteers help Bryan keep the shortgrass section of his…

  • Magma heuchera

    ‘Magma’ Heuchera Will Have You Going Gaga for Foliage

    Yes, we all want flowers whenever and wherever we can get them, but don’t forget that foliage plants are your stalwart garden workhorses. With this knockout heuchera, you get the…

  • bright colored flowers and foliage in the garden

    Before and After in Shelley’s Garden

    Today we’re in Old Chatham, New York, visiting with Shelley Haefner. I have been gardening for a little over 12 years now. At the beginning of my journey, I just…

  • best new annuals

    Best New Plants: Annuals

    Each year we do a feature in our big spring issue introducing folks to a slew of new offerings from plant breeders. But this is not simply a list of…

  • coneflowers in various shades of pink

    Summer and Fall in Angie’s Garden

    Today we’re taking a look back at Angie’s garden in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Angie’s yard is small, so she uses a lot of pots to add extra color and diversity to…

  • big purple flowers growing on a vine

    Blues from Kathleen’s Garden

    I’m Kathleen Shelman, and I’ve gardened on our acre in Corbett, Oregon, for 35 years. I love using blue in my garden, so here’s a sampling of blues throughout the…