• densely planted garden with lots of pink flowers

    The Garden Continues

    Today we’re visiting with Kim Herdman in Williams Lake, British Columbia. We’ve visited her beautiful garden before (Gardening Through Intense Weather). She's been going through a difficult time, but her…

  • close up of cluster of pink roses

    Rajini’s Terrace Garden

    My name is Rajini. I am from Bangalore, India. I have a terrace garden and would like to share these pictures. These plants are called rain lilies (Zephyranthes, Zones 7–10)…

  • close up of white dahlias

    Megan’s London Garden

    My name is Megan, and I live in Kentish Town, North London, England. When we moved into our house, our garden was a total shambles—crumbly brick walls, broken trellises, and…

  • view of lake and mountains behind a garden lined by trees

    Revisiting a British Columbia Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Suzanne Pearce in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. My husband, Bruce, and I submitted photos to GPOD in 2021 (Spring in British Columbia). At the…

  • close up of white and red parrot tulip from above

    Flower Close-ups From Lee’s Garden

    We’ve visited Lee’s garden in the Mohawk Valley in central New York before (Back to the Mohawk Valley), but today Lee is taking us to see it in a different…

  • close up of red texas star hibiscus flower

    Texas Flowers

    My name is Charlona, and I garden in Houston. I love all kinds of flowers and try to garden for as many pollinators and their caterpillars as possible. I was…

  • grassy path through garden beds in full bloom

    Kathy’s Iowa Garden, Part 2

    Today we're back in Sheldon, Iowa, visiting the beautiful garden Kathy Schreurs has created with her husband around their 130-year-old house. When we reworked a side yard this past year,…

  • backyard garden with birdbath and purple flowers

    Kathy’s Iowa Garden

    I just scrolled again through Keith’s Zone 3 photos (Return to Keith's Zone 3 Garden) of his garden full of hot-colored annuals and perennials. So vibrant! Hmmm . . .…

  • large rose bushes with red flowers

    Wendy’s Albuquerque Garden

    Hi! My name is Wendy Blair, and I’m a Master Gardener from Albuquerque, New Mexico. My family moved here from Los Angeles in 2011 and bought a home on an…

  • close up of lots of white daisies

    Some of Courtney’s Favorite Flowers

    My name is Courtney Gorman, and I live in Buffalo, New York. I have been a gardener for almost 20 years now. My love of gardening comes from my mother.…