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  • various bright yellow flowers around a white picket fence

    Keith’s Zone 3 Garden

    My name is Keith Irvine. I am 70 years old, and I am guessing that I started my first garden somewhere between the ages of 6 and 10. I grew…

  • stone statue of woman surrounded by yellow and orange flowers

    Lee’s Backyard Escape

    My name is Lee and I reside in Ilion, New York, which is right in the center of the state in the Mohawk Valley. I have been in my home…

  • close up of large purple Lupine spires

    Ruth’s Ohio Garden

    Today’s photos are from Ruth Barker. I love all flowers and plants, and I love to try new introductions with my existing plantings. I prefer to have lots of pollinators.…

  • spring flowers for fragrance

    Plants with Early Spring Flower Fragrance for the Midwest

    In the Midwest, any bit of early spring color is welcome as we transition from the long winter months. Throw some early spring-flower fragrance into the mix, and that is…

  • wagon with buckets full of cut flowers

    An Artist’s Flower Farm

    Today we’re visiting with Valerie Miller. I am an artist and newish gardener. Three years ago I was a work-from-home artist and homeschool mom with three little boys (one, four,…

  • close up of a small tree with white flowers

    Not Your Ordinary White Flowers

    Today’s photos are from Lynette Rodriguez. My husband and I garden professionally in northern Illinois, Zone 5b. Together we have more than 60 years of gardening experience ranging from general…

  • close up of the center of a Crocus flower

    Close-ups in Hugh’s Garden

    Today's photos are from Hugh Locke. As cell-phone cameras have gotten better, I have been using mine to capture close-up images of the flowers in my garden in Westchester, New…

  • garden bed full fo pink and purple flowers

    Pam’s Garden in Montana

    My name is Pam Alvord. In 2019 I submitted photos of our North Carolina garden in Zone 7B (Learning From Gardening in Different Climates). I explained that I have gardened…

  • various pink, white, and yellow flowers in the garden

    Looking Back at an Old Garden

    Today Joe is sharing his former garden with us. This was the garden I made over a decade ago at the first house I ever owned, in central Michigan. This…

  • close up of large white moon flowers

    Favorite White Flowers

    Hi GPODers, This is your editor, Joseph. GPOD submissions are very slow this time of year, with most of us settling in to wait out the winter, so I’m taking…