Dwarf Conifers

  • Albyn dwarf Scots pine

    Dwarf Pines for the Mountain West

    The forests in the Mountain West are made up of huge swaths of pines, such as lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta, Zones 4–8), ponderosa pine (P. ponderosa, Zones 3–7), and many…

  • Design

    If Fairies Lived in a Conifer, This Would Be It

    Can you think of a more boring and overused plant than dwarf Alberta spruce? Normally, it would never be a featured “Gotta Have It!” plant— but this is no ordinary…

  • Design

    Dwarf Conifers That Can Take the Heat

    Amid all the lush tropicality of the plants we grow in the Southeast, sometimes I crave something a bit more conservative. Think Scandinavian: efficient, solidly built, and designed to stand…

  • Design

    Conifers to Consider

    These slow-growing and dwarf varieties add color, texture, and shape to garden plantings

  • Design

    Designing With Dwarf Conifers

    Enjoy year-round interest without giving up your whole garden