• sun-tolerant camellias

    5 Gorgeous Camellias for Sun

    Camellias (Camellia spp. and cvs., Zones 6–10) are mostly thought of as shade shrubs, and common camellia (Camellia japonica, Zones 7–9) varieties do look best in the shade. The foliage…

  • red flowers in front of a tress with lots of pink flowers

    Growing Back After a Tornado

    Today Amy is sharing how her garden has recovered after tornado damage a couple years ago. Last year (Historical Camellia Garden in Virginia) I submitted photos of my historical camellia…

  • How-To

    March Garden To-Do List for Northern California

    The weather remains unpredictable in March in Northern California, with heat waves, frosty nights, downpours, and droughts all distinct possibilities. More often than not, this month delivers a mix of…

  • Article

    Yearning for Spring in Virginia

    Today's photos are from Pamela Stout. I was very inspired by GPOD posts about yearning for spring and color. I can relate! I have my first hellebore bud coming in,…

  • Article

    Winter in South Carolina

    Johanna Smith here in Aiken, South Carolina. (See a previous visit to Johanna's garden here.) After weeks of rain and warm weather, winter has finally arrived. After checking our yard…

  • light pink camellia with dark pink edges

    Historical Camellia Garden in Virginia

    Today Amy is sharing her beautiful garden in Suffolk, Virginia. We are the third owners of a house built almost 70 years ago. Dr. James “Tubby” Habel Jr., who designed…

  • Shishi Gashira camellia

    Fall-Blooming Sasanqua Camellias Shine in the South

    What can you plant in either the shade or the sun that is both evergreen and flowering? Sasanqua camellias (Camellia sasanqua, Zones 7–9) are underappreciated shrubs that are extremely versatile.…

  • How-To

    What’s Wrong With My Camellia?

    Ponder the camellia (Camellia spp. and cvs., Zones 6–10) for a moment: It’s a glossy rich evergreen with a dense and pleasing form. It loves heat and can survive droughts.…

  • Design

    Camellias That Shine in Winter

    Even during the shortest days of winter, everyone loves to see beautiful blossoms. Evergreen camellia shrubs (Camellia spp. and cvs., Zones 6–10) are tough, long-lasting plants, and their beautiful winter-blooming…

  • Design

    Visitors to a Southern Georgia Garden

    Today Melanie Folk is sharing photos from her garden in southern Georgia. Melanie has a yard full of dragonflies and loves to capture them up close to see the beauty…