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Winter in South Carolina

The garden doesn't stop in winter in the South


Johanna Smith here in Aiken, South Carolina. (See a previous visit to Johanna’s garden here.) After weeks of rain and warm weather, winter has finally arrived. After checking our yard for damage after the latest wind and rain event, I realized again how much I love my winter garden. It always surprises, amazes, and almost always exceeds my expectations. The colors and textures are alive and vividly eye-catching as well as calming, reassuring me there will be a spring. As always, I love sharing my garden photos.

CamelliaCamellia (Camellia japonica, Zones 7–11), my favorite, is showing off this winter with gorgeous red flowers.

DianthusDianthusI have a few types—offer color, shape, and texture.

Nandina, Big Blue liriope and boxwoodA nandina (Nandina domestica ‘Firepower’, I think, Zones 6–9) nestled between ‘Big Blue’ liriope (Liriope ‘Big Blue’, Zones 5–10) and boxwood (Buxus sp., Zones 5–10) shows off its dark red leaves.

Ligustrum shrubs, euonymus, arborvitae, two species of Juniper, grasses and liriopeLigustrum shrubs (Ligustrum sinense, Zones 6–10), euonymus (Euonymus fortunei, Zones 4–9), arborvitae (Thuja, Zones 4–9), two species of juniper (Juniperus spp.), grasses, and liriope creates a pleasing view with varying colors and textures.

Dianthus foliageThe blue color of this Dianthus foliage between the green grasses is a sneaky surprise.

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  1. PattyLouise 01/18/2022

    Wow! Great winter interest! Love the camellia! Thanks for sharing!

  2. User avater
    simplesue 01/18/2022

    What a stunning Camellia you have in your garden!
    Spectacular specimen, so well shaped and perfect.
    Love that Dianthus you are growing, great color and dense foliage.

  3. [email protected] 01/18/2022

    I'm wondering what exposure your camellia gets. I have one on the northside of my house in Washington state, but I would love to find one that would be happy to be in the south (full-sun) side. Maybe I will find one in my dreams! Thanks for sharing your pretty garden.

  4. User avater
    cindijacobs 01/27/2022

    Love the camellia. All of your textures and hues. I also like how they are spaced apart and have room to breathe. Very nice!

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