best shrubs

  • Witch hazels

    Wake Up Winter with Witch Hazels

    During the winter months in the Pacific Northwest, it is hard to know if it will be sunny and bright, raining cats and dogs, or a snowy winter wonderland when…

  • Sweet Cherry Tea™

    Brand-New Ninebark Shrubs Showing Promise

    The compact ninebarks intrigue me—their reduced sizes and refined habits are made for small urban gardens like mine. And they challenge the notion that ninebarks are all coarse or tangled shrubs.…

  • Serviceberry berries

    Ornamental Edible Shrubs for the Southern Plains

    If you’ve ever stopped to appreciate an okra blossom or admire the lush foliage of a pawpaw tree, you’ve noticed that edible plants can be just as beautiful as ornamental…

  • Buttercup winter hazel

    Buttercup Winter Hazel for the Southeast

    A group of shrubs that top my underused-shrub list are winter hazels (Corylopsis spp. and cvs., Zones 5–8). Winter hazel is in the same family as witch hazel (Hamamelis spp.…

  • 9 New Trees and Shrubs for Your Garden

    9 New Trees and Shrubs for Your Garden

    The tiniest panicle hydrangea yet Name: Fire Light Tidbit® panicle hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata ‘SMNHPK’) Zones: 3–8 Size: 2 to 3 feet tall and wide Conditions: Full sun to partial shade;…

  • orange shrimp plant

    Shrubs That Bloom All Year Long in the Southwest

    The Southwest winter landscape doesn’t just have to be filled with various tones of brown and green. There are many beautiful flowers that can bloom throughout the milder months in…

  • Design

    Shrubs With Autumn Interest for the Midwest

    When we see hints in early fall of bigger changes to come later in the season, we look for color and impact wherever we can find it. Certainly, some of…

  • Collection

    Regional Picks for Best Native Woodies

    Gardeners love native plants, and for good reason. They are built to thrive in the conditions of a specific region, often without complaint, and are an essential component in the…

  • Collection

    Regional Picks: Showy Shrubs

    Showy shrubs can be a cure-all in garden design. They can extend garden interest during seasons when other plants are going dormant or being pushed indoors. They add unique textures…

  • Design

    Regional Picks: Showy Shrubs – Midwest

    See regional picks for showy shrubs, and read the article by Paul Cappiello for even more ideas. “Show-stopping shrubs—you know the kind. You’re leading a group of friends around the…