• Unusual Autumn Perennials

    Episode 118: Unusual Autumn Perennials

    What gardener doesn’t like something a bit out of the ordinary? Especially when it’s a plant that puts on a serious show as the final curtain call is happening. Today…

  • grasses in late-season containers

    Go for Grasses to Soften Late-Season Containers—Planting Plans

    Autumn is the time when grasses finally get their moment, so no fall container collection would truly be complete without giving them their due. With feather-like seed heads that catch…

  • autumn containers with spiky plants

    Spice Up Autumn Containers With Spiky Silhouettes—Planting Plans

    Include spiky silhouettes in containers to lend a celebratory feel to your front stoop. Plants such as cordyline, featured in two of the containers below, can easily be paired with…

  • Article

    Treasures in the November Garden

    Today’s photos come from Carla Zambelli Mudry, who is celebrating the end of the year in her garden. (To see Carla’s garden in warmer times, click here.) The November garden…

  • Article

    The Bittersweet Change From Summer to Fall

    Peggy Fox is a regular contributor to the GPOD, and she has just shared some wonderful images of her garden in autumn. This is Peggy Fox, in Gig Harbor, Washington.…

  • Article

    A Border Worth Waiting For

    If the only thing “fall color” means to you is that it’s time to get out your rake, you are missing what can be the best season in the garden.…

  • Article

    Embracing the Subtle Beauty of Autumn

    Today’s photos come from John Markowski, who sent in these enchanting images of his New Jersey garden in its autumnal beauty. (If you've not seen John's garden before, catch the…

  • Article

    Fall Favorites

    Fall is probably my favorite time in the garden. It's got cooler weather, the rich abundance of harvest time, and the blooms of so many wonderful plants coming into their…

  • Design

    Create an Autumn Masterpiece

    Are you like me? I can’t pass a farm stand in fall without stopping to add new shapes and colors to my overflowing gourd and pumpkin collection. I am also…

  • How-To

    6 Ways to Reuse Halloween Pumpkins

    The pumpkins that caused so much excitement at Halloween are typically tossed away after the fun is over. But that old gourd can still be put to use. Here are…