Growing Annuals in the Garden

Learn all about starting seeds, planting, and growing annuals in the garden.

  • covered porch with hanging baskets overlooking a sunset

    Lisa’s Ohio Garden

    Today we’re visiting Lisa Countryman’s garden in Hillsboro, Ohio. Hanging baskets are an easy way to bring a garden into any space. In the foreground, the hanging basket combines a…

  • orange and pink annual combination

    Unbeatable Hot and Cool Annual Combos for the Southeast

    We are fortunate in the southeastern United States to be able to grow a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials in our temperate climate. During our long growing…

  • yellow California poppies

    The Best Reseeding Annuals for the Northern Plains

    Getting annuals to self-seed year after year in the Northern Plains primarily relies on what sort of winter we have. Sufficient snow cover has a dramatic effect on annuals’ ability…

  • Sweet peas in a vase in front of some houseplants

    Garden Bouquets from San Diego

    Today we’re off to San Diego to visit with Catherine Dickerson. One of the things I love about growing lots of flowers is the abundance of bouquets that come from…

  • 3 Cool New Annuals Worth Checking Out

    3 Cool New Annuals Worth Checking Out

    Get great color and texture for partial shade Name: Royale Pineapple Brandy™ coleus (Plectranthus scutellarioides cv.) Size: 30 inches tall and 16 inches wide Conditions: Full sun to partial shade;…

  • close up of Texas bluebonnets

    Debra’s Bluebonnets

    Today we’re off to Texas to visit with Debra Castle. I am a Master Gardener in the South Plains of Lubbock, Texas, home of Buddy Holly and Mac Davis, which…

  • clarkias

    Growing Annuals from Seed in the Northeast

    When it comes to starting seeds, terminology can often be confusing. The terms “hardy annuals” and “half-hardy annuals” often confound those of us who garden in the Northeast. We'll see…

  • FineGardening Danielle Sherry

    Annual Opinions | Letter from the Editor

    “Friends don’t let friends buy annuals.” My very first boss wore a button with that phrase to work every day. I didn’t have a “normal job” like most teenagers. I…

  • annuals in the garden

    Adding Annuals to Your Garden: Six Inventive Ideas

    We’ve all seen them: the giant swaths of annuals demanding our attention with their ostentatious colors—in parking lots, at park entrances, lining the walkway to every local bank. They are…

  • Design

    Scenes From Tina’s Garden

    Today’s photos are from Tina Tyzzer. We built a new home in 2016 (Zone 6, Indiana) on 6 acres that had been farmed for the previous 50+ years. In spite…