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Learn all about starting seeds, planting, and growing annuals in the garden.

  • orange and pink annual combination

    Unbeatable Hot and Cool Annual Combos for the Southeast

    We are fortunate in the southeastern United States to be able to grow a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials in our temperate climate. During our long growing…

  • yellow California poppies

    The Best Reseeding Annuals for the Northern Plains

    Getting annuals to self-seed year after year in the Northern Plains primarily relies on what sort of winter we have. Sufficient snow cover has a dramatic effect on annuals’ ability…

  • Sweet peas in a vase in front of some houseplants

    Garden Bouquets from San Diego

    Today we’re off to San Diego to visit with Catherine Dickerson. One of the things I love about growing lots of flowers is the abundance of bouquets that come from…

  • 3 Cool New Annuals Worth Checking Out

    3 Cool New Annuals Worth Checking Out

    Get great color and texture for partial shade Name: Royale Pineapple Brandy™ coleus (Plectranthus scutellarioides cv.) Size: 30 inches tall and 16 inches wide Conditions: Full sun to partial shade;…

  • close up of Texas bluebonnets

    Debra’s Bluebonnets

    Today we’re off to Texas to visit with Debra Castle. I am a Master Gardener in the South Plains of Lubbock, Texas, home of Buddy Holly and Mac Davis, which…

  • clarkias

    Growing Annuals from Seed in the Northeast

    When it comes to starting seeds, terminology can often be confusing. The terms “hardy annuals” and “half-hardy annuals” often confound those of us who garden in the Northeast. We'll see…

  • FineGardening Danielle Sherry

    Annual Opinions | Letter from the Editor

    “Friends don’t let friends buy annuals.” My very first boss wore a button with that phrase to work every day. I didn’t have a “normal job” like most teenagers. I…

  • annuals in the garden

    Adding Annuals to Your Garden: Six Inventive Ideas

    We’ve all seen them: the giant swaths of annuals demanding our attention with their ostentatious colors—in parking lots, at park entrances, lining the walkway to every local bank. They are…

  • Design

    Scenes From Tina’s Garden

    Today’s photos are from Tina Tyzzer. We built a new home in 2016 (Zone 6, Indiana) on 6 acres that had been farmed for the previous 50+ years. In spite…

  • Pots of colorful flowers on a deck

    Surinder’s Outdoor Garden

    We recently visited Surinder Chadha’s beautiful indoor plant collection in northern New Jersey, and today Surinder is sharing his outdoor gardening endeavors from the summer. Surinder says that the local…