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An Easy Way to Repot a Cactus

Sharp cactus needles aren’t a problem when you use this method

Gary Junken, Produced by Antonio Reis

Cacti are beautiful plants that are fairly easy to take care of, and they can bring a desert feel to any home. However, when the time comes to repot your cactus, you may be left with painful cuts if you aren’t careful. But how can you remove a plant covered in sharp needles from one pot and then move it into another pot without having to go to the emergency room afterward? In this video, we provide an easy tip for keeping your hands safe while you’re repotting your favorite cactus. And if you then want to learn more about this fascinating and incredibly diverse group of plants, listen to this great podcast about the secret life of cacti.

How to repot a cactus

Taking one look at a sharp cactus can make any gardener reluctant to repot it. Here’s how to do so safely.

1. Find an old beach towel.

2. Put the potted cactus on the ground.

3. Wrap the towel around the cactus.

4. Tilt the pot to a 45° angle.

5. Step on the bottom of the pot with your foot to loosen the soil while you gently slide the cactus out.

6. Place the cactus in its new container by supporting it with the towel and removing the towel once the cactus is in place.

7. Admire your beautiful cactus in its roomy new pot!

See some lovely cactus inspiration in this submission to the Garden Photo of the Day.

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