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    Boer love grass

    Eragrostis chloromelas

    From late spring until fall, Boer love grass puts on a glorious display as inflorescences that emerge silver and dry to gold dance up to 2 feet above the fine-textured clump of…

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    South African foxglove

    Ceratotheca triloba

    A rare and graceful beauty, this plant is not a true foxglove, but its flowers are similarly shaped and hang in clusters.

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    Autumn moor grass

    Sesleria autumnalis

    This cool-season grass begins the season with bright green blades.

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    Gold angel’s trumpet

    Brugmansia 'Charles Grimaldi'

    Foot-long blossoms are nocturnally fragrant, and pour out from narrow calyces of light yellow, to terminate in fluted, reflexed openings the hues of golden summer squash.

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    Cynara cardunculus

    Cardoon is an architectural splendor with bold texture, thanks to its large, prickly, almost dagger-shaped gray-green arching leaves and a statuesque, vase-shaped frame.

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    Sweet autumn clematis

    Clematis terniflora

    This deciduous, late-flowering twining vine with deep green leaves and profuse, fragrant white flowers is easy to grow and will thrive and bloom in shade.

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    Pincushion hakea

    Hakea laurina

    Through the fall and into winter, pincushion hakea provides beautiful cut flowers for the holidays; the foliage and seedpods are also great for arrangements.

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    Texas sage

    Salvia coccinea

    This upright tender perennial provides rich color for annual bedding schemes where it is not hardy.

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    Red coreopsis

    Coreopsis rosea

    This plant bears a profusion of lavender-pink flowers with yellow centers from mid-summer to early autumn.

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    Fuchsia Shadow Dancer™ Ginger

    Fuchsia Shadow Dancer™ Ginger

    A bushy, compact fuchsia, Shadow Dancer™ Ginger has pale pink and white flowers that dangle gracefully out of pots, baskets, or window boxes.