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    Blue throatwort

    Trachelium caeruleum

    This species bears dome-shaped flower heads several inches across that are crowded with tiny, tubular amethyst or white flowers that look somewhat like the blooms of an allium.

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    Border phlox

    Phlox paniculata 'David'

    This pure white phlox is valuable in the garden because of its abundant, fragrant flowers, its sturdy growth habit, and its resistance to powdery mildew.

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    Big bluestem, turkeyfoot

    Andropogon gerardii 'Pawnee'

    'Pawnee' has an upright habit and warm fall colors that persist into winter.

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    ‘Ruby Spice’ summersweet

    Clethra alnifolia ‘Ruby Spice’

    This summersweet is a sport of C.

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    ‘Lime Green’ flowering tobacco

    Nicotiana alata 'Lime Green'

    The yellow-green trumpet-shaped flowers of 'Lime Green' flowering tobacco mix well with many other colors in the garden.

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    Hibiscus trionum

    A seldom-seen annual or short-lived perennial, this easy-to-grow plant performs as the perfect filler in beds and containers.

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    Showy stonecrop

    Sedum spectabile

    An upright species to 18 inches tall and wide, this plant bears pink flowers in August that persist into fall.

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    Grass lily

    Anthericum saundersiae

    This plant's foot-tall clumps produce white lily-like flowers on thin, arching stems.

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    ‘Sonata Dwarf Mix’ cosmos

    Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Sonata Dwarf Mix’

    This series produces compact plants 1 foot tall and about as wide with large blossoms in pure white and many shades of pink.

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    Angel’s trumpet

    Brugmansia suaveolens

    Few plants evoke tropicalia quite like the Brugmansias , with their voluminous tubular flowers that drip from imposing shrubs or small trees.