6 to 10 feet

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    ‘Old Fashioned’ smokebush

    Cotinus coggygria ‘Old Fashioned’

    Excellent fall coloring and a smaller size set this smokebush apart.

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    Little Ragu™ Sweet Bay

    Laurus nobilis ‘MonRik’

    A compact Sweet Bay with bright green wavy leaves and a fabulous fragrance. This evergreen shrub looks and smells wonderful year-round. Works well in containers or as a house plant…

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    Chilean Prickly Rhubarb

    Gunnera tinctoria

    Enormous, puckered leaves of this tropical, prehistoric plant emerge in spring, reaching six feet across or more, creating a dramatic waterside or greenhouse specimen. In late spring, a robust stalk…

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    Angel Red® Pomegranate

    Punica granatum 'Smith' P.P.#16,578

    This unique, new and improved Pomegranate has exceptional qualities that make it simply the best on the market. A heavy crop of large, vivid red fruit ripens in early fall,…

  • 'Gold Band' pampas grass
    Plant Guide

    ‘Gold Band’ pampas grass

    Cortaderia selloana 'Gold Band'

    This clumping, drought-tolerant grass is one of the best pampas grasses you could grow.

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    ‘Rogers’ bottlebrush buckeye

    Aesculus parviflora var. serotina 'Rogers'

    This is a suckering, deciduous shrub grown for it's white, bottlebrush-like flowers in early summer.

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    Cut-leaf lilac

    Syringa × laciniata

    This graceful hybrid produces fragrant, pale lilac flower clusters up to 4 inches long in late spring.

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    Carolina allspice

    Calycanthus floridus

    This deciduous shrub has a dense, rounded habit, growing 6 to 9 feet tall and as wide.

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    ‘Mount Baker’ lilac

    Syringa × hyacinthiflora 'Mount Baker'

    This early flowering hybrid produces fragrant, single white flowers.

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    False spirea

    Sorbaria sorbifolia

    If you like plants that stay in tidy, little assigned corners, this is not the plant for you.