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Myrrhis odorata

Plants in the Myrrhis genus are aromatic perennials from the mountains of southern Europe grown for their ferny foliage and white flowers, and their licorice flavor.  Myrrhis odorata  will tuck its white froth around the feet of other plants, mingling nicely in the garden. It self-seeds freely, almost to the point of nuisance, but the young plants are easy to pull up. It has naturalized in parts of Europe and Asia. Grow in a border or herb garden.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsLacey umbels of flowers and anise-flavored, sweet shoots, leaves, and seeds.  

CareGrow in dappled shade in moist but well-drained soil of moderate fertility. If plants are grown for their flavorful leaves, remove flowering stems as they begin to form and harvest leaves from early spring to late summer.

PropagationSow seed in the garden or in containers as soon as they are ripe. Divide in spring or fall.

ProblemsGenerally trouble-free.

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