Perennial Hole Fillers for Your Region

Fine Gardening - Issue 146
From left to right: Orange bush monkey flower (Mimulus aurantiacus, Zones: 7–11), Photo: Joshua McCullough/; autumn moor grass (Sesleria autumnalis, Zones: 5–9), Photo: Jo Whitworth/; and bee balm (Monarda didyma cvs., Zones: 4–9), Photo: Bill Johnson

As horticulturist and author Jennifer Benner discusses in her article on fast fillers, we all have problem areas in the garden. Sometimes it’s a plant that was victim to a passing pest, a spot that was once filled with a spring bloomer, or a new plant that didn’t live up to expectations. Either way, you likely want to fill that hole it left behind, and quick.

“Failing plants are just a routine part of gardening and an excellent excuse to go shopping. To salvage the season and plug those garden holes, reach for plants that are long lasting and quick to mature.”

Find some fabulous, fast-growing perennials for your region below. And find even more plants to quickly fill garden holes in Fast-Growing Fillers.