Fall Bulb Planting: Everything You Need to Know for a Spectacular Spring Show

Now is the time to order your spring-flowering bulbs! It’s sometimes hard for gardeners to think three seasons ahead, but placing your bulb orders now will ensure that you have the best selection to choose from. No one can argue that spring-blooming bulbs are a welcome sight. They’re a sign that the cold months are drawing to an end and the warm sunshine is coming soon. But so many gardeners forget to place their bulbs orders early, or they forget to plant those spring-flowering bulbs in fall entirely. We’re here to help.

This collection delivers the bulb content you need. From the most exciting varieties to consider while flipping through the bulb catalog’s pages (or website) to the best planting techniques, we cover it. Or if you’re looking for answers to common bulb conundrums or for inspiration to spice up the selection you have, the articles and videos below provides the answers you crave.