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  • Fragrant sweet box
    Pacific Northwest Regional Reports

    Shade-Loving Shrubs for California

    Finding interesting plants for shade can be a struggle, but when you add in the desire for that plant to be a woody shrub, the list narrows even more. But…

  • Blue Gem Coast Rosemary
    Pacific Northwest Regional Reports

    Regional Picks: Foundation-Friendly Plants – Northern California

    Find foundation-friendly plants for Northern California below, and read the article by Nick McCullough for even more ideas: “The most critical aspect of your foundation beds is selecting plants that…

  • Pacific Northwest Regional Reports

    Regional Picks: Variegated Plants for Shade—California

    See regional picks for variegated plants for shade, and read the article by Andy Brand for even more ideas. “While the cool, shady areas have provided me with the opportunity…

  • Mounding plants tumbling over a retaining wall’s edge combine with bright spikes of perennial flowers and architectural grasses to wrap a patio in color and texture.

    How to Turn Your Patio Into a Garden Oasis

    The kitchen may be the heart of a home, but for most of us, the patio is the center of the backyard. Whether we use it as a place for…

  • mixed evergreens anchor a hillside planting

    Pull a Design Together With Ground Covers

    The staff at your local garden center works hard to assemble eye-catching displays of colorful perennials, artfully arranged succulents, and architectural grasses. But the ground-cover section is likely an unremarkable,…

  • Design

    A Tiny Courtyard Garden Makeover

    This once-neglected patio gets a lively lift thanks to a few designer tricks

  • Article

    Peach Goes With Everything

    Think of the color peach, and what pops into your head? If you’re a child of the 1980s, visions of Miami Vice and taffeta bridesmaid dresses most likely spring to…

  • Article

    Plant This, Not That

    This spring, why not challenge yourself to try something different? Occasionally straying outside your usual repertoire is the only way you’ll find new favorites. Whether you’re a sucker for dramatic…