Jason and Shelley Powell

Jason and Shelley Powell own and manage Petals From the Past, a garden center in Jemison, Alabama.

  • Leaf-footed plant bugs on a tomato
    South Regional Reports

    Pest Control for the South: Eastern Leaf-Footed Plant Bug

    Most insects don't bug us. There are a few we even like. However, there is one family of insects that makes us downright irritable: leaf-footed plant bugs. There are several…

  • bog sage
    South Regional Reports

    Spectacular Salvias for the South

    Salvias (Salvia spp. and cvs., Zones 5–11) are one of the most versatile genera of plants for gardeners. Flowers can range from beautiful blue to red, pink, white, coral, and…

  • lime green hosta
    South Regional Reports

    Success With Hostas in the South

    Hostas (Hosta spp. and cvs., Zones 3–8) must be delicious. Everything eats them. There is nothing as disappointing as seeing a wilted hosta and realizing that it’s missing all its…

  • large blueberry bush
    South Regional Reports

    Tips for Healthy, Happy Blueberries in the South

    We always wonder when we hear people say that they don’t like blueberries whether they’ve ever had ripe, freshly picked blueberries. They taste quite different from blueberries picked a little…

  • Blackberry lily flower
    South Regional Reports

    Irises for the South

    Iris (Iris spp. and cvs., Zones 3–10) blooms are like big butterflies floating in the garden. They are so attractive that every garden should have at least one species, and…

  • mealycup sage
    South Regional Reports

    Container Garden Candidates to Attract Bees for the South

    We are more aware these days about the state of bee welfare than we have been before. It’s a fact that bees are incredibly important to the environment and to…

  • Carolina silverbell in bloom
    South Regional Reports

    Native Spring-Flowering Trees for the South

    We all need to add more native plants to our landscapes. Choosing a native tree not only helps the birds and the pollinators in our area, but it can mean…

  • Marie Pavie rose
    South Regional Reports

    The Best Roses for the South

    It’s true that here in the humid South, roses have a lot to contend with. Mildew and black spot are two of the most common fungus problems. There are a…

  • Virginia bluebells
    South Regional Reports

    Native, Shade-Loving Spring Ephemerals for the South

    The first hint of spring usually begins with a tiny flower valiantly pushing its way up between last fall's brown leaves. Often small plants, spring ephemerals are delightful, bright signs…

  • starting seeds indoors
    South Regional Reports

    Your Year-Round Cheat Sheet to Seed Starting in the South

    Seed catalog season is our favorite time of year. When it’s cold and rainy, nothing seems better than brewing a pot of hot tea and sitting down to review seed…