Jared Barnes

Jared Barnes is a gardener, horticulture speaker, and doctoral candidate in the Department of Horticultural Science at North Carolina State University.

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    Best Native Woodies for the South

    Gardeners love native plants, and for good reason. They are built to thrive in the conditions of a specific region, often without complaint, and are an essential component in the…

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    Seedling Aftercare

    Once your seeds have germinated, how do you give your young plants the best possible start? Read the Science of Seed Starting. Keep a careful watch. We can help seeds…

  • How-To

    The Science of Seed Starting

    Seeds are little miracles that transform the world. In the wild, these tiny amalgamations of DNA can be stored away for years, waiting for the right conditions to turn a…

  • South Regional Reports

    Regional Picks: Short Plants – South

    See regional picks for short plants, and read the article by Steve Aitken for even more ideas. “As I began amassing countless short varieties, only some of which worked in…

  • Article

    Winter Stars: Bare Yet Beautiful Plant Varieties

    If the seasons of a garden were likened to a day, then the Northern Hemisphere’s winter would undoubtedly be night. It is cold, it is long, and it is dark.…