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The Woodland Garden at Heronswood

Visiting another part of this iconic garden

We’re visiting the beautiful gardens of Heronswood again, with more photos from Cherry Ong. Today it is into the woodland garden, a wild-looking jungle of beautiful and unusual plants.

Asian mayappleVarious shade-loving plants mix together to create a rich tapestry of colors and textures. The large, speckled leaves of an Asian mayapple (Podophyllum species) mingle with ferns to create a lot of interest without a single flower in view.

‘Gryphon’ begoniaI grew up thinking of begonias as mostly houseplants, but their colorful, textural foliage can look wonderful when they are planted out as annuals (or even, depending on the variety and your climate, perennials) in a shade garden. There are countless begonia varieties, but this one looks like it might be ‘Gryphon’, which is hardy in Zones 8–10.

A narrow path beckons, with stepping stones across a low area and promises of more beautiful plants ahead.

Plants grow over and out of the structure around a water feature, giving the feeling of a ruin taken over by nature.

Cyclamen purpurascensHardy Cyclamen purpurascens has beautiful silver-marbled leaves and fragrant pink flowers in the summer and fall. This is one of the hardiest species of cyclamen, surviving, by some reports, up to Zone 4 or even Zone 3. Just be sure to protect the bulbs from rodents, as chipmunks and voles like to snack on them.

orange liliesTowering orange lilies arch over the path.

strawberry begoniaSaxifraga stolonifera goes by the common name of strawberry begonia, because it has silver-patterned, begonia-like leaves and produces plantlets at the end of runners like a begonia. It can be grown as a houseplant, or left to form a ground cover outside, as it is here, in Zones 6–9. The delicate cloud of white flowers is a bonus!

Heronswood Botanical GardenHeronswood looks like it might just be paradise.

Sculptures add height to the lush quilt of green.


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  1. mjtrusz 12/06/2019

    Thank you for sharing a woodland garden. Wonderful to give homage to the naturalness of the woods. So many beautiful combinations of texture, and so many ideas to ponder over the next few snow-covered months.

  2. User avater
    treasuresmom 12/06/2019

    Thank you, Cherry, for sharing more photos. I love that mayapple!

  3. coastalgardener 12/06/2019

    Such beautiful photos of this woodland garden...and so nice to see when we're currently experiencing snow and frigid weather!

  4. btucker9675 12/06/2019

    Paradise indeed - gorgeous!!

  5. cheryl_c 12/06/2019

    Cherry, thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. Are the 'orange lilies' towering over the path Martagon lilies? We were privileged to tour Heronswood the first year that it was opened back up to the public - 2016, I believe, and planned our trip around the fact they were only open on Fridays. Imagine our surprise when our tour guide turned out to be Dan Hinkley!

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