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Saxifraga stolonifera

Saxifraga is a large genus of 440 or so species of perennials, biennials, and a few annuals from the mountains of the Northern hemisphere. Their habit is mostly mat- or cushion-forming and they can be evergreen, semi-evergreen, or deciduous. The species vary widely and are classified botanically into sections, subsections, and series. Six sections have the most horticultural value: Gymnopera, Irregulares, Ligulatae, Porphyrion, Saxifraga, and Xanthizoon.

Noteworthy Characteristics

CareThere is a range of cultivation requirements. See individual species accounts.

PropagationSow seed in an open frame in the fall. Divide herbaceous perennials in spring. Detach individual rosettes and root as cuttings in late spring or early summer.

ProblemsAphids, slugs, vine weevil grubs, and spider mites may occur.

Species and cultivars

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