This is a genus of about 20 tuberous perennials grown for their reflexed, nodding flowers in white or shades of pink or red. They are sometimes fragrant. The heart-shaped foliage often has a silvery cast or pattern. Flowering time varies greatly. Grow as a houseplant or in a rock garden, border, or raised bed. They require excellent drainage.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsNodding flowers with 5 reflexed petals. Heart-shaped leaves. Often grown as houseplants. All parts are toxic.

CareCyclamen require perfectly drained soil and most prefer dappled shade. See species accounts for individual requirements.

PropagationSoak just ripened seed in water for at least 12 hours and rinse before sowing in darkness at 43-54°F. Plants resent division.

ProblemsIndoors, watch for spider mites, vine weevil, gray mold, and cyclamen mite. Mice and squirrels may be troublesome in the garden.

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