Podophyllum peltatum

Podophyllum is a genus of about nine species of woodland perennials from North America and parts of Asia, mostly grown for their foliage and form. A patch of mayapples in the garden looks like a parade of open parasols. Flowers are pink, white, or red, but they are somemtimes hidden under the foliage. Blooms are followed by 1- to 2-inch fruit that looks like small apples or eggs. It is sometimes eaten by wildlife. Some species have leaves marbled with purple or brown markings. Mayapples belong in a woodland garden or other moist, shady area. They can spread by rhizomes to form large colonies.

Noteworthy CharacteristicsUmbrella-like, lobed foliage. Most species are highly toxic.

CareGrow in full or part shade in woodsy, moist soil.

PropagationAs soon as seeds are ripe, sow them in containers in an open frame. Plants may be divided in spring or late summer.

ProblemsSlugs may eat new spring growth.

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