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Letting someone else take the camera to see the garden anew

Today’s post comes from Erla Richards in Independence, Oregon:

My daughter, Kristen, stayed with me for over a week, helping me care for her dad. She is an early riser (unlike her mother), and she strolled through my yard at sunrise during the week and captured these vignettes of the garden.

Erla has shared her garden with us before (Erla and George’s Garden in Oregon—Day 1 and  Day 2), and it is interesting to see it photographed by someone else.

morning gardenSunrise through a lawn sprinkler taken on a beautiful Monday morning.

Japanese mapleAs October began, these Japanese maple (Acer palmatum, Zones 5–9) leaves were beginning to color up.

garden sculptureA garden sculpture beautifully aged with moss.

purple salviaA purple salvia (Salvia greggii, Zones 7–9 or as annual) blooms away as the season winds down.

BergeniaThe large leaves of Bergenia (Zones 3–8) will hold up all winter in mild climates, before showing off pink flowers in the spring.

bird bathA birdbath is ready to welcome feathered visitors.

mossy rockMoss can be an underappreciated feature in the landscape, but at its best it is lush, rich green, and surprisingly tolerant of less-than ideal conditions. (Check out our article on using moss in the landscape.)

garden benchA bench wrapped in the lush growth of the garden is still a charming place to sit and enjoy the beauty.

birch barkThe bark of a birch (Betula sp. Zones 3–7) frames an incredible view of the landscape beyond.


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  1. Rebeccazone7 12/02/2020

    I loved every picture. It was a great reminder that we all see things in our own way. My next favorite thing, next to rocks, is moss. My son, who lives around the corner from me, is a big gorgeous grass person, and I am content to let the moss take over.

  2. PattyLouise 12/02/2020

    Lovely garden & lovely pictures! She captured the beauty!

  3. garden1953 12/02/2020

    What gorgeous photos! And the garden itself is beautiful for sure.

  4. nwphillygardener 12/02/2020

    I think this series of photos offers us a great lesson. Many of us know photographers (perhaps ones that are gardeners, as well) and we should ask them to take photos to frame what they see as special in our gardens. And the results could wind up on GPOD!!

  5. coastalgardener 12/02/2020

    What wonderful photos...and such a great idea! I can't wait to put it to use in my own garden! My daughter is a photographer and I can't imagine why I never thought to have her take the pictures.

  6. User avater
    simplesue 12/02/2020

    Very enjoyable to see the thoughtful photos and garden- both so pretty!

  7. User avater
    treasuresmom 12/02/2020

    Love the look of the moss.

  8. btucker9675 12/02/2020

    Love the mossy sculpture and rocks especially! And what a vista from the garden. Really a lovely garden and nicely shown through artistic eyes. My dark blue salvia bloomed until we had a night in the low 20s - it was stunning through mid-November and the bees were happy!

  9. User avater
    bdowen 12/03/2020

    A wonderful collection of photographs. So many unusual viewpoints and ways to frame the view. Lots to learn from here!

  10. erla 12/03/2020

    Thank you for all your kind remarks. Kristen does have a special eye for form and beauty.

  11. Maggieat11 12/06/2020

    Wonderful! Thx so much for sharing!!!

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