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Erla and George’s Garden in Oregon—Day 2

‘Koromo Shikibu’ azalea, hosta, and hellebore. Photos: courtesy of Erla and George Richards

Day 2 in Erla and George Richards’ beautiful garden in Oregon, today focusing on late spring and into summer. Enjoy! —More info in the captions

Cedrus deodara ‘Deep Cove’, heuchera, primrose, hosta, bergenia, and ornamental strawberry in a pot. 

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Kousa dogwood about to bloom, azalea, and ‘Ice Dance’ sedge. That’s Trinket in the background. 
Come sit awhile and enjoy the hostas. 
‘White Lorna’ azalea and a native shrub. 
Variegated rhododendron and a hosta. 
Kousa dogwood. 
Pinus leucodermis (Bosnian pine), rhododendrons, azaleas. 
Fuschia magellanica ‘Aurea’ and Hydrangea ‘Brunette’. 
Rhododendron ‘Horizon Lakeside’ and a pink deciduous azalea. 
Close-up of Rhododendron ‘Horizon Lakeside’. 
Bosnian pine, rhododendrons, azaleas, deciduous liriope.  

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  1. flowerladydi 04/01/2014

    Good Morning Erla and George again!
    I love your photos!,, you have soooo many fabulous rhododendrons!,, I can just imagine the blaze of color you enjoy every spring!,, and we can share in some of that now!,, just love the yellow one! I am such a shade fanatic, and so much enjoy the hosta/moss tree photo,, I know I made a comment on that yesterday, but this is a different view. Also love flagstone paths,,, warm and welcoming,, not stuffy and begging one to follow along,, and then there is your Kousa! Again, a fabulous tree!!! They are a bit iffy here unless sited in a somewhat protected place, but such a great tree!,, plus the added benefit of some Fall color as well!
    Lovely,, and again,,thank you for sharing, and I hope you can both continue to enjoy your yard for many many years to come!

  2. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 04/01/2014

    It's been a lovely two days strolling through your collector's garden and it's amazing setting. That Horizon Lakeside rhodie is such an unusual color. Thanks for sharing.

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 04/01/2014

    OK, everybody, I just planted myself on the bench and I'll be there for a little bit while I gaze upon all the beautiful hostas. Plus, I'm going to get to know Trinket a little better! Erla and George, your rhodie collection is a treasure trove of such glorious blooms...what a wondrous sight that must be to see them in person. I was also so intrigued by your deodora selection 'Deep Cove' that I had to go do a google search on it. Sounds like it has many wonderful characteristics and is a wonderful addition to a garden.
    Thanks for sharing a delightful second day's worth of pictures.

  4. greengenes 04/01/2014

    Can we have a day three here at Erla and Georges place?! How about we all come over for day 4,5,6,... . It is all so beautiful. You have a nice selection of azaleas and rhodies. The deodora cedar, "deep cove" is quite nice. There is such a nice natural flow that makes it all so inviting. Iam sure Trinket loves to chase deer and rabbits! I like his name! Anyway it has been a wonderful way to start this day, walking through your gardens! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Happy days ahead to you both!

  5. GrannyMay 04/01/2014

    Thank you Erla for answering all our questions yesterday. I wonder how many of us have lived at the same place for 45 years? Looking at your photos, I can see why you would want to stay, even building a new house on the same property. Your gardens are beautiful! I wish you many many more years of enjoyment. Tending the gardens has to be a lot easier than tending cattle and horses!

  6. annek 04/01/2014

    If you could bottle the feeling of serenity that I experience when I gaze upon your gardens, you could sell it for $1,000 a bottle. Did you draw a blueprint of where the plants would go, or did you plant extemporaneously?....filling in here and there as needed. Whatever your method, your results are beautiful.

  7. GracePeterson 04/01/2014

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love "Trinket" too. :)

  8. GrannyCC 04/01/2014

    Once again amazing garden Erla and George. I can see why you would never want to leave there. Love all the shade gardens and the Rhododendrons. They all look so healthy. I have a Kousa Dogwood. It was given to us by our Doctor and it has moved with us to 2 different locations.It is much to big now and will have to stay where it is.

    Thank you a wonderful start to the day.

  9. CJgardens 04/01/2014

    Erla and George,
    Beautiful gardens and enjoyed your story also. My grandmother gardened into her nineties so you keep going! Love all your spring flowering shrubs and your use of foliage for year round interest. What shrubs are featured in your summer months? Please share more photos.

  10. tractor1 04/01/2014

    Another great set of garden photos... all wonderful... but I especially like that antique glider with that gorgeous Horizon Lakeside rhody. You're lucky about the deer not munching your plants, dogs offer little protection, in fact when a doe is with fawn she will bash a dogs head in with one well aimed hoof. I've seen dogs try to chase off deer, but when one turns to confront the dog the dog will turn and slink back with it's tail between its legs. It would take a pack of wild dogs to chase a deer away when she's protecting her fawn. I'll guess the deer don't bother your plants because not having severe winters food is plentiful and there's more than they can eat with those sheep. Send more photos, Erla & George... and Happy April Fools Day everyone!

  11. Wife_Mother_Gardener 04/01/2014

    Love that Rhododendron! Thanks for sharing your pretty garden!!

  12. erla 04/02/2014

    I am so honored to have our garden in the GPOD, but the best part has been all the wonderful comments. Thanks so much. There have been a few comments on Trinket so I thought I'd tell you about her. As I said before, we had Rottweilers for many years but when we lost our last one, our children told me "no more big dogs, Mom". So I watched the rescue ads on line and Trinkets sweet little face and big brown eyes caught my attention. She was a stray brought up from Los Angeles to save her from death row. So we have no idea her former life or her breed . . . just know that she is a sweet, loving addition to our family and we feel so lucky to have found her. And she and our half Bengal cat, Jinksie, (also a rescue)are the best of friends. They romp and chase and keep us entertained.

  13. cwheat000 04/02/2014

    Erla and George, you have created a stunning property. There are too many wonderful details, to name them all. The maturity and variety of plants make your garden very special. Thank you for the variety names.
    I have never seen many of your Rhodies/azaleas. They are wonderfully unique. I will re-visit these photos again.

  14. dirtgirl1949 04/02/2014

    Erla & George, greetings from the Southern Hemisphere. You are such an inspiring couple of energetic gardeners. Your garden is just wonderful and I have certainly enjoyed strolling through your magnificent garden courtesy of your photos. May you continue to share your photos with us fellow gardeners. Plus I enjoyed your comments above about your rescue cat and dog, sounds just like our place! I rescue everything from animals to plants.....
    Wishing you many more years of gardening.

  15. erla 04/03/2014

    In answer to Annek, I did lay out a drawing of the curved beds and outlines of the beds around the yard. But most of the time I pick plants that I like, do research on mature size and care needed and then plant by what is pleasing to my "eyeball". And of course, it is always changing as a plant doesn't do well or I fall for a plant I see at the nursery. My grandsons are very used to digging out a plant and putting it in another space, but first "move it to the left, no more to the right"!!

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