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Revisiting Tracy’s Garden

Flower-filled cottage garden

garden in full bloom with lots of different color

We visited Tracy’s beautiful East Bay, California, garden last week, where we focused on her dry garden plantings of cacti, succulents, and other plants that thrive without supplemental water. Today we’re back to check out her beds with perennials, roses, and other plants that want a little more moisture.

garden beds separated by gravel pathsA wide view of this part of the garden shows lush plantings and a riot of flower color. And a few succulents are growing in a small raised container. Succulents are a great choice for containers that can dry out quickly.

garden bed full of pink flowersAlstromeria (hardiness varies by cultivar) bloom in the front of this bed. Their colorful, long-lasting flowers make them equally wonderful cut flowers and garden plants.

peachy pink flowers in front of tropical plantsA snapdragon (Antirrhinum hybrid, Zones 7–10) grows bright orange. Though short-lived perennials, snapdragons are generally grown—and give their best flowering—as annuals.

garden full of different rosesRoses loaded down with flowers grow along the fence. Rose foliage is famously susceptible to fungal diseases, which makes them a great choice for dry climates, where the low humidity helps keep them healthier.

large pink rose flowerCan’t you almost smell this beautiful rose through the screen?

purple irises in front of the gardenA tall bearded iris (Iris hybrid, Zones 3–8) blooms in the foreground. Bearded irises thrive in a wide range of climates, but they are also great drought-tolerant choices for dry climates.

large flower with stripey pink petalsThe typical form of corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas, annual) is bright red in the wild, but many marvelous varieties in a range of colors are available.

unique deep purple flowersBlue honeywort (Cerinthe major ‘Purpurascens’, annual) is a marvelous-looking plant native around the Mediterranean. California’s climate is quite similar, so this plant is a natural choice for a garden there.

garden in full bloom with lots of different colorI love the way the color of the snapdragon and alstromeria in the foreground echo the color of the rose bushes in the background perfectly. What a lovely garden!


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  1. garden1953 05/18/2022

    Beautiful garden! Love all the colors!

    1. Tz_Garden 05/18/2022

      Thank you ! tz_garden

  2. User avater
    treasuresmom 05/18/2022

    So much to see. How on earth do you take care of all of it. Lovely!

    1. Tz_Garden 05/18/2022

      Thank you! It's my favorite thing to do, putter around out there. tz_garden

  3. bunny2luv 05/18/2022

    Absolutely gorgeous! I envy your fungus-free roses! Do you have a soaker hose system to water?

    1. Tz_Garden 05/18/2022

      Thank you :) The roses are on drip irrigation. tz_garden

  4. User avater
    simplesue 05/18/2022

    Your garden is spectacular- and then to learn that you are the same gardener that had the amazing succulent and cactus garden! You might be amused to know you inspired me to plant some hardy succulents (I'm zone 6b) in a my garden after seeing yours!
    I'd love to walk around on your garden paths- something cool to look at everywhere!

    1. Tz_Garden 05/18/2022

      Wow, thank you so much! That really makes my day! tz_garden

  5. btucker9675 05/18/2022

    Wow.... I didn't think anything could be better than your "dry" garden and then we see this part. You have such an artistic eye and obviously great skill. Lovely!

    1. Tz_Garden 05/20/2022

      Thank you so much B! tz_garden

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